How can I find buyers for my house (for sale by owner)?

I want to sell my house without using a realtor. What are some good ways to advertise my house or otherwise let people know it's for sale?

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    When you have your own home-for-sale website you are able to market your property extensively on the world wide web. One of the best ways to do that is on internet real estate directories.

    For either no charge or minimal charge you are able to list properties on these directories which are available to property buyers within the entire United States, and sometimes the entire world.

    The best idea is to look for directories that are real estate related. These will help get you the most traffic to your property website. Listing in a directory of electronics stores won't help you much.

    You will also want to list your property in directories that have been around for quite a while and have a high "page rank" within Google's index. Google search results put high page rank sites first.

    There are many good directories where you will be able to list your property for sale. To save time you might want to consult with a real estate internet marketing firm and let them help you set up your directory listings properly. That's what I do for my clients.

    If you are selling your home by yourself you are probably wondering whether and where you should spend money to advertise. This is a great question because newspaper and magazine ads are very expensive and you have to keep paying over and over -- every week and every month.

    There is evidence to suggest that when it comes to real estate advertising the cheapest way might be the best way. It turns out that small, inexpensive classified advertisements yield large results for FSBO home sellers.

    Here is something to think about: when do you read classified ads? Most people read these ads only when they want to buy something specific. They do not browse classified advertisements for fun and recreation. They browse them to see if they can find what they want to buy.

    For this reason the leads you get from the little, cheap ads are among the best you can obtain anywhere, by any means. When people call, email, or visit a website from a classified ad it is solely because they have a very high level of interest in buying what you are selling.

    There are two main considerations when writing a classified ad for your home:

    1. You must write a headline for your ad that grabs the attention of people browsing through the ads, and

    2. You must be very concise with the words used in the ad itself, to make sure you achieve your goal.

    There is only one goal you have with your home-for-sale advertisement: to motivate the reader to take action. The actions you want taken include the following:

    1. Call your phone number,

    2. Send you an email, or

    3. Visit your website and register their name and email address on your lead capture page.

    To effectively use classified ads you should have your own home-for-sale website that you can optimize for Google searches and also use as a lead-capture vehicle. This is how you can get a sale from cheap advertising.

    Here are other ways to advertise your home:

    Magazine Ads

    You won't be taking out ads in Time magazine, but you might want to consider ads in local magazines or specialized trade magazines, depending on the type of property you are selling. In my area there is a Chesapeake Bay monthly magazine which is a great place to advertise properties that are on or near the Chesapeake Bay.

    Radio Ads

    These really don't work for real estate ads because people listening to the ads are usually driving or working and can't write down the necessary information.

    Television Ads

    Because you can now buy targeted ads from your local cable provider, TV ads are something to seriously consider. This would be for high priced luxury properties, for example. You can get the cable company to produce the ad to save money. You can run the ad during shows your target market watches, such as the evening business report. It might work, but you'd have to test it on a trial basis to see your response.

    Internet Ads

    The question here is not whether to do it -- because you must do it. The question is where to advertise and how much to advertise online. There are dozens of places you can advertise your property for sale that do not cost anything more than the time it takes for someone to post the ad online. You'll want to consider a professional real estate internet marketing firm to handle this part of it, because they know where to post and what to post to get results.

    You'll want to consider paid advertisements also, because often they are very cheap on the internet. You can get inexpensive home listing ads on real estate and local web directories. You can even put up a banner ad on some pertinent local websites. Get a professional to help you with these ads also, to save you money and get the most bang for the buck.

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    It would matter to me as a buyer, because I would want MY realtor pulling the comps to tell me if your price is reasonable, helping to point out flaws, features, future resale potential, helping me draft up an offer that protects ME (inspection contingencies, financing contingencies, counter offers when the inspection finds things that I want you to fix, what to do when you need more time to pack up and move), making sure that you have done all the appropriate paperwork, disclosures, assessments, etc. No way in the world would I trust your attorney to do all of that for me. Now, in a normal sale using realtors, you would be paying your realtor 6%, and they would split that with the buyer's realtor. He is asking that you pay the buyer realtor 1%. You do not have to, since you have no contract with that agent. If you don't, it will be up to the buyer to work something out with his realtor. That may mean that they walk from this deal, unless you have your house drastically underpriced so that the buyer doesn't mind paying the realtor fee out of pocket. If it's over-priced, or just reasonably priced, you are going to limit the number of potential buyers if you are not willing to cover the buyer's realtor fee, since they simply won't show your house to their clients. It's up to you on whether that's ok with you. It might be, but also keep in mind that your house has a lot of competition right now. Finally, you ask "why would I have their real estate agent draw up paperwork. That would be a win win for them and a no win for me." That is EXACTLY what your potential buyer is thinking. I don't know how you bought this place, but the normal practice is that the buyer decides to make an offer, stating what price they are willing to pay, and all contingencies that they want in the contract (for example, that the house appraise for a certain amount, that they can secure financing at a certain rate, clean title, etc.), and present the offer to the seller. That's all paperwork that they are going to look to their realtor for guidance on, and which the realtor is saying they will do for the 1%. You then take their offer, accept it, reject it, or counter with changes that you want. I don't know if your attorney is going to be helping you with that or not, or just doing the actual final contract. Once everything is settled, THEN there is the meeting with the mountains of paperwork, where both sides sign lots and lots of dotted lines, money is exchanged, and everyone walks away happy. That is where the lawyers really come in. But there is a lot of negotiating before that, which is where the realtors have a lot of influence.

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    It's much harder like that.

    Put it up on the local advertising booklet. In my area it is called Pennysaver. I don't know if it's the same for yours.

    Post it on the newspaper.

    Put a sign "for sale" with number and all in front of your house.

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    A lot of insightful answers here

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