Does granting amnesty to illegal immigrants solve our immigration issues?

We already passed one amnesty bill under President Bush's term in office. Obviously we are still dealing with the same immigration issue today as we did then. Why does obama think passing another amnesty bill is going to solve the problem?

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    1 decade ago
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    1. According to the Immigration Department and the Census, a very large majority of the illegal aliens are from Mexico.

    2. Because the jobs the illegal aliens take pay less than minimum wage, they are forced to move to welfare, and they are eligible for all State Funded Welfare Programs, AND.. Federal Welfare efforts that contribute to the State Welfare effort. Oh yes... they DO get Federal Welfare funds.

    3. Before the illegal aliens came, American Citizens picked the crops (me included and many more like me.. the field was white.. not brown). The illegal aliens are stealing jobs that are less than perfect, but they are jobs and better than the nothing most folks have. In addition, the people hiring illegal aliens frequently abuse them in the fields.. you cannot do that to the American Citizens, and I do not want my country associated with the criminals that hire illegal aliens, and abuse them. I have seen, for example, crops dusted with illegal aliens in them. This link provides a good backgrounder on the abuse of the major growers in California, but also in AZ, NM, TX.…

    4. At this point, I have seen a dozen people in menial jobs with H1B visas. They had a trainee sandwich maker at a major casino in Reno that was from El Salvador. The process of using government identifications to bring low wage replacements for American Workers has been abused a very long time. The lady was NOT earning enough to rent an apartment in Reno either, and had to live with other people. But she was also eligible for welfare. Abuse, abuse, abuse in this field, and nothing stopped it to this point, nor will in the future. NO to Government I.D.s.

    One very real problem with some businesses in the United States is that they have been bought, or assumed for debt by foreign nationals, and they want to get labor costs down. They hire illegals, or play the system and bring sandwich makers in from El Salvador and STILL pay them less than the going minimum wage while the employee collect welfare. We need a system that is on the up and up and we don't have it.

    It is almost as though people Like Schumer of New York, Durbin of Illinois and Reid of Nevada desperately need to cheat the American People to keep their jobs. It is sickening. Old Graham of Virginia is in there too making ugly comments about the American People. Lets get that stopped, and then we take a look at what we need.

    And yes.. their is a lot of rancor. You need to read the references that people provide and then you will understand and will be able to intelligently deal with the issue.…

    2.6 trillion……

    Birthright Citzenship…

    The American People have been cheated long enough... and lets get the huge money out of the hands of the illegal aliens, and find these foundations for political pandering to illegal aliens.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You did not state what the problem is.

    Republicans are illogical when they say they are against illegal immigration:

    The costs they point to are:

    1) Enforcement. Enforcement would not be necessary if there was amnesty

    2) Jobs. Republicans don't care about your job. They let firms go to Mexico, why not let more efficient workers come here?

    3) More spent on social services. Services that they don't want. Besides, if there was amnesty, there would be less impact on social services as immigrants could get higher paying jobs, health insurance, run their own contracting or small businesses.

    Everyone knows why the Republicans don't like immigration. It has nothing to do immigration status.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Absolutely not.. and we should have learnt that from the first amnesty. all it did was empower even more Mexicans, especially, to just jump the border and come on in.

    And now Obama, who did nothing but criticize Bush and his policies, is once again, going to try to adopt the same measures.. Is he really that stupid? Does he not know that we do remember, even if he doesn't, some of his campaign promises. How he was going to be so different from BUSH.

    Turns out he is just Bush 2.. this is getting ridiculous.. we need to get rid of him.. send him to clean up oil.. maybe sop it up with a sponge , that should keep him busy and out of our hair,, I have never seen such a addle brained idiot before.. and oh goody.. he is supposed to be running our country.

    It's like letting the kindergarten kids run the high school... how did we end up in this mess.. oh yeah, black racism and white stupidity!

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  • Paul
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    1 decade ago

    its a great way to sweep the immigration problem under the rug

    granting amnesty will only increase the flow of illegals to the USA

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  • 1 decade ago

    amnesty does no solve illegal immigration, in fact it just makes it more prevalent. the best way to solve it is to first control the border and reprehend employers that hire illegal immigrants.

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  • no it will not, it will only encourage more to come over here and have anchor baby's and drain this country via welfare and non paid medical bills. bush did not grant amnesty reagan did and it was a mistake..

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  • paul v
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    1 decade ago

    Are you a Native American? If not, your forefathers were immigrants as well. They invaded a foreign country, killed the people and named it America.

    Ironically, Mexico has a high proportion of Native Americans. A Native American Mexican has a lot more rights to be in the US than the sons of British, Germans, poles, Italians,....

    • Charles
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      6 years agoReport

      By that rationale, all of the Arab immigrants need to leave Europe.

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  • 1 decade ago


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  • Shark
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    1 decade ago

    no - you encourage more thugs to come here

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