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what is the best parcel forwarding company? bongous, myus, shopito, viaddress?

i live in south korea and i was wondering what is the cheapest without scam and what is good in general like customer service

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    Hands down i would go with viaddress

    If you're still looking to shop online from the United States, you should try

    A few of my friends have been using Viaddress to get products shipped from the United States because most US merchants and US ebay sellers don't ship outside the US.

    You can open an account for free on and you get a US address. You can then ship products to your suite at Viaddress, then have Viaddress forward them to you.

    You just pay Viaddress for the shipping fees, and their rates are the lowest that I could find.

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    I've used viaddress are now viabox, I have used their service for more than 6 months and have spent more than $5000 (Shipping fees only!). I was initially happy with their service, only recently they started to delay my shipments and sometimes ignore my inquiries. If there is a problem then I would like to know, tell me that you will need a month to ship my package and that's OK but don't ignore my inquiries! Sometimes they just increase the weight of the package and on it's way to me the weight is corrected by Fedex so it's a bit questionalble about the way they operate. Again I do not mind paying more if I am getting a good service. Now I am reducing my shipment through them and I am looking for another provider. My friends here are also complaining about This is how and why I have stumbled on this question on yahoo.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    what is the best parcel forwarding company? bongous, myus, shopito, viaddress?

    i live in south korea and i was wondering what is the cheapest without scam and what is good in general like customer service

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    I've been shipping with Viaddress for a few months now and I'm quite satisfied with their rates and service quality.

    Other companies seem to be quite more expensive and require a registration fee and a membership fee.

    There is a comparison table on the homepage of that show a comparison of the fees and shipping rates.

    I also recommend comparing the shipping rates to you country on all these sites because they may differ by destination...

    For example, to ship 1 Lb to South Korea, here is what you will pay with each package forwarder: (The cheaper on top) : $40.32 (Free registration and No per/package fee) : $42.56(*) ($37.56 + $5 per/package fee) : $50.65 ($40.65 + $10) : $53.96 ($43.96 + $8.50 per/package fee)

    (*) The rate for BongoUS is for the Subscription membership only as indicated on their shipping calculator, so expect to pay more if you don't pay the $15 monthly membership.

    There are a few other important things to consider such as Consolidation fees and Repackaging fees. Most of these companies will charge you for every combined package, because they know you want to combine your packages to save on shipping... I'm glad however that Viaddress does not have those extra fees... (Look at the comparison table on

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    I am using Shipp Shop parcel forwrading company

    The main difference probably is that they respond to my requests very quickly. Before I was waiting for a reply about 2-3 days which is quite bad.

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    I've been using Stackry for the last year and think they're service and value is excellent.

    No monthly or annual membership fees to be able to take advantage of consolidation or storage. With some of the other competitors all the small fees added up so quickly they would often be higher than the postage cost itself..

    nice customer service team..

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    For the best answers, search on this site

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    I recently used ( to ship stuff from the US to Sinagpore and they did a great job. I think they may be a newer company, but what I liked is that they offer more options and a free software which helps me keep track of my purchase history.

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    6 years ago

    A new one to add to the list is With a locations throughout China, the US and Korea, this would be a pretty good fit. Good luck!

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    6 years ago

    I think USGoBuy package forwarding service is very good, cheap but reliable!

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