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How come Canada and the United States are the only two developed countries in the Americas?

There are 35 total countries in North, Central (including the Caribbean) and South America combined.

But only two (Canada and the U.S) are fully developed countries which are considered world leaders.

How come all the other 33 countries in the Americas are doing so poorly compared to Canada and the United States?

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    Spanish colonialism didn't really leave a fertile ground when it came to social institutions. And a century of American adventures in Latin America didn't help either.

    You do remember that the CIA basically set a match to all of Latin America during the Cold War, right?

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    The countries which colonized North America (Britain and France) had better systems in place for colonization, also they (at first) built relationships with natives (then screwed them), the spanish system left lots of room for corruption which happened ALSO Napolean went on a crazy war path in the 1800's and screwed over some some of the south americans mainly mexicans ALSO the natural resources availiable in canada and the united states are much richer than those to the south

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    The Protestant work ethic.

    Central and South America have been enslaved by the Catholic Church. North America was populated by Europeans who learned to work hard and be frugal to survive the harsh climate.

    A guy from the north has to work real hard or he dies. His house has to be strong or he freezes. A guy in the south can just build a hut and pick fruit. The northren guy has predictable stresses like winter. So he can plan and save for hard times. makes him work hard. The guy in the south has unpredictable disasters like typhoons can not really do much about that. Just build another hut, which will probably be done in a day.

    So you breed a whole different kind of animal depending on the climate. And really, any country that is strongly Catholic usually does not do well.

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    Much can be said for getting a jump start on constitutional government with english law..but without elaborating I believe the that scenio is loosing grown. Some Latin American countries are doing very well like Brazil.

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    It's a combination of factors.

    They've been like that for a long time. One of the major problems in South America is the Cocaine and the drug cartels; there's a lot of that in Central America as well.

    They've been war torn, and we don't really have much to say about them. Originally controlled by Spain, they have had very little help from anyone. Some would call that Global Stratification; others would argue the point.

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    Geographically in the Northern hemisphere, used the traditional British style of economics and governance to a degree and are part of the anglosphere.

  • Colder climate. If the weather is too hot all you do is just lay there in the shade and develop nothing. This is why the Industrial Revolution began in Britain and not in Kenya.

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    Brazil, Argentina and Peru are doing fairly well, actually. And I would NOT call Argentina OR Peru a "tropic wonderland"....

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    Incompetent leadership (60% of Brazil lives in Poverty, I wouldn't call that developed).

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    the british

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