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War and propaganda (for Liam.) Comments/Critiques?

I just found out that Americans

were irrelevant in WWII

The French had not a hand it seems

in the American Rebellion too.

The German's never held the Blitz

Polar bears sleep at the Ritz

The pope uses the woods for Schidtz

And the sun goes round the moon.


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    Tongue in cheek, yes, but even still, L3 is very clumsy and the rhymes come too quickly to be effective.

    I like the supposed irrelevant end-line, though.

    Maybe go from there.

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    Wow, Then Charles Olsen didn't get killed fighting the Germans? Then John Ourant didn't get shot down and taken prisoner by the Germans? And Robert Morgan wasn't on the Bataan Death March? And Uncle Lester's shrapnel was his imagination? Two Words! Two over-used Words!

    PS and Thanks for pointing this out, Hap. I have seen him around; now I'll watch him with squinty, suspicious eyes.

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    i think of American propaganda for the yank human beings could be greater interesting on condition that we've heard a lot approximately Nazi propaganda and how nicely it labored yet many human beings have heard little or no approximately American propaganda and a few do no longer think of there became a lot of it. i think of you ought to income the two, which could be very interesting on condition that maximum human beings does no longer think of it could be comparable, yet you will could slender it very exceedingly like, possibly, a thank you to get the human beings to pass alongside with nutrition rationing. Yeah, i could like to examine it! attempt reposting this interior the historic previous area, too, and notice in the event that they have distinctive suggestion. good good fortune!

  • You're one of the best poet I knew in this life..

    'Can only praise you...Hiram.

    They're all relevant even all the enemies..

    And even the shooting stars and the comets!

    From Haley's to the tiniest rock that shoots the earth..

    Have a wonderful dream (or a nightmare that can wake you up),

    Because you still need to go on!

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    Ah, Hiram, if you was going to post such a beautiful piece for me, you could of at the very least e-mailed me a link so I could of come across this beauty a lot sooner.

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    revisionist history rocks

  • 1 decade ago

    ; : 0 )

    Source(s): peace !
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