DIY Birthday Gift Ideas....?

Your help would be very appreciated! A little over a year ago, my cousin moved in with me. My family and I really helped her out, and a month ago she left to move back to her home town. I really want to make her something for her birthday that she will actually use and like! I love anything DIY because I really enjoy crafts and love to be creative. She's 22, her favorite color is green, and she lives near the beach. (She's lived there her entire life, so really, the beach isn't that special to her.. so it'd be kinda weird to have a lot of suggestions about the beach.) I just really wanted to know if any of you knew any, not good, but GREAT websites for DIY crafts. I really like, but unfortunately, I'm not planning a wedding here! I have a month to make whatever it is, too, because her birthday is early August.. and I'm sending it, probably, around August 1, so it will be there by her birthday!

Thank you all for your help!

3 Answers

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