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Who would win these matches?

1. Jean Claude Van Damme vs Charlie Haas vs Kofi Kingston vs Jackie Chan vs Jet Li vs Chuck Norris

2. Mike Tyson vs Shad vs JTG vs Big Daddy V vs Lou Ferrigno vs Arnold Schwarzenegger

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Lou Ferrigno vs Batista vs The Big Show

4. Chuck Norris vs Jackie Chan vs The Great Khali vs Vladimir Koslov

5. Vladimir Koslov vs Lou Ferrigno

6. Ezekiel Jackson vs Arnold Schwarzenegger

7. Franco Columbo vs Jeff Hardy vs Justin Gabriel vs Rey Mysterio vs Evan Bourne vs Jackie Chan

8. Daniel Bryan vs Chuck Norris vs Jet Li vs Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Mike Tyson vs Lou Ferrigno

9. Kratos vs Wade Barrett vs Zeus vs Atlas vs King Kong vs Undertaker vs Chuck Norris vs Sub Zero

10. Scorpion vs Reptile vs Kane vs Osama Bin Laden vs George Bush vs Barack Obama vs The Miz

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    -Charlie Haas

    -Big Daddy V

    -The Big Show

    -The Great Khali

    -Vladimir Koslov

    -Vladimir Koslov

    -Ezekial Jackson

    -Evan Bourne

    -Bryan Danielson

    -The Undertaker


    Overall Card...4.8/10

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  • CM
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    Chuck Norris

    Big Daddy V

    The Big Show

    The Great Khali

    Vladimir Kozlov

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Rey Mysterio

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    King Kong


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    Chuck Norris

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Chuck Norris

    Lou Ferrigno

    Ezekiel Jackson

    Justin Gabriel

    Daniel Bryan

    Wade Barret

    The Miz

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    Jackie Chan after the Roundhouse Kick on Chuck Norris, proving that Chuck Norris is OVERATED

    Mike Tyson after a back and forth battle between Arnold Schwartzenagger, Mike Tyson, and Big Daddy V. Big Daddy V goes for a Samoan Drop on Schwartz. but Mike Tyson goes and hits the KO Punch on V, making Schwartz. fall under him. Mike Tyson rolls V over and pins him 1 2 3.

    Arnold Schwartz. after the Dominator (Bobby Lashley's finisher) on Ferrigno

    Jackie Chan after the reversing Kozlov's Spinebuster into the Paydirt followed by the RKO on Norris.

    Lou Fer. after locking in the Full Nelson for the submission

    Arnold Schwartz. after the Spear (Goldberg-like not Batista)

    Jackie Chan after the Shooting Star Press on Evan Bourne

    Jet Li after the Criplling Crossface for the submission

    Zeus after the Power Of The Elements (POTE - GTS)

    Kane after the Chokeslam on Bush

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    1. Chuck Norris

    2. Tyson

    3. Big Show

    4. Chuck Norris

    5. Koslov

    6. Arnold

    7. Jackie Chan

    8. Chuck Norris

    9. Kratos

    10. Scorpion

  • 1 decade ago

    Jet Li






    Jeff Hardy

    Jet Li



  • 1 decade ago

    Chuck Norris will defeat all. Enough said'

  • 1 decade ago

    1.chuck norris

    2.mike tyson with the ear bitter


    4.chuck norris

    5.lou ferrino


    7.jackie chan...... ur fokus need more fokus!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8.chuck norris

    9.chuck norris

    10.obama!!!!!! jk he would gt his but whiped. scorpion

    Source(s): chuck norris told me
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    Techno Viking wins all.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    These matches will never happen and that's a fact mate

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