Christians, was every living organism currently on Earth created by god in the Garden of Eden?

And if so, how do you explain HeLa cells? Are these more divine than our cells because of their special characteristics?


No Chance Without Jesus - I'm going to make a special reiteration for you, my ungodly-talking friend, since unlike everyone else you didn't get the meaning the first time: Did god create all life the first week that the Universe existed as laid out in Genesis 1:1-31, or is it at all possible that he went back to the drawing board, say, several decades ago to create some new stuff?

Update 2:

@ HTacianas_II - Well, they ARE immortal, much like god, and unlike us. Does that make them closer to him than we are?

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    No, every living organism was created over the entire earth before the garden of Eden was even planted. The garden of Eden was not planted until thousands of years after all life, except that of humans. The creation of the universe and the earth was complete when described in the first verse of the first chapter of Genesis. Verse two focuses on how God put and molded the earth together. Verse three describes the beginning of God preparing, the already existing, earth for human habitation. Plants and animals were created and existed long before the garden of Eden was even planted.

    Basic format of the Genesis account:

    Genesis 1:1 God completely creates the universe and the earth within it.

    Genesis 1:2 God focuses on how he molded the earth into a planet.

    Genesis 1:3-2:4 God focuses how he prepared the, already existing, earth for human habitation. This includes, a general mention of his creation of the first man and woman.

    Genesis 2:5-8 God focuses on how he prepared a garden in which the first human couple was to live and how he created the first man.

    Genesis 2:9-14 God focuses on the water features of Eden and the garden planted within its boundaries.

    Genesis 2:21-24 God focuses on how he created the first woman.

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    No. Weeds for example, didn't appear before Adam fell. When Adam fell he transferred dominion of the Earth and everything in it to the devil, and the devil brought corruption into the world and all the organisms that go with it. God did make the molecules they are made up from because the Devil cannot create, only mimic and alter what is created.

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    Everything was created by God. There is nothing specifying that life was only in the garden. When Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden there was a whole world to go into

    If you read this stuff, you wouldn't sound nearly so ignorant

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    I dont see why He would. I guess its possible, but there's really no way to know that. And there's no reason to assume that God doesnt create new species throughout time.

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    The cells of a woman's cervix are somehow divine? I don't understand your question. Maybe elaborating a bit would help.

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    God hasn't revealed that to us, and I'm in no great rush to find out. Personally, I'd be very much inclined to doubt it.

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    You seem to be assuming that all Christians are creationists?

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    all of those creatures have died

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