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Why do guys prefer cute girls over hot girls?

Many guys consider me very "sexy". I'm tall, slim, blonde and well endowed. I've done modeling in the past and I"m ambitious and have goals in life. I do get hit on fairly common.

My best friend Christine is the "girl next door' type. She's adorable, sweet, baby face, attractive but in a very innocent way and very smart. As "hot" as people say I am people always end up falling head over heels for her. I love my best friend but i'd be nice if men swoon over me like they do her. Many men go crazy overr me but strictly in a sexual way and i find that debasing sometimes because there's more to me than how i look.

Why don't guys fall for sexy girls like they do cute girls. And how would you define a "cute girl" (See if I have those qualities.)

thanks in advance.

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    Well I would have to see both of you to be able to give you an informed answer. But I do think falling in love with a girl is more about her personality than her looks. Looks might get her foot in the door, but personality is what ultimately makes you love a person. So I don't mean any disrespect, but it's possible that she just has a better personality than you, and it's the kind that men really go for.

    It's also possible that you have a more sexed up look than she does. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "hot." To me, "hot" just means a really good looking girl, but if by "hot," you mean someone who looks sexy as opposed to beautiful, then that could be it too. Maybe guys just look at you and see a sex object, whereas in her they see a sweet, beautiful girl. I think the guys who would do that are probably shallow and not worth your time, though. Like I said, looks might get your foot in the door, but ultimately, personality should matter, so if a guy is worth your time, he would eventually get to know your personality and that would make more difference than how your body looked. That's how it would be for me, and I can't imagine only thinking of a woman as a sex toy solely because of how she looked.

    It might also be that you're just not as hot as you think you are. Again, I mean no disrespect, but you haven't shown a picture, and I've known quite a few women who claimed to be hot over the Internet, and then once you got their picture, they were just plain looking, or even borderline ugly. If you've done modeling, I could be wrong, but it also depends on what kind of modeling you've done. Not all models or celebrities are attractive. I personally never thought Jessica Alba was good looking, and she always looked to me like the kind of girl who if I did know her in real life and I were attracted to her, it would be because I liked her personality. I never found her body all that desirable.

    Those are just a few possibilities. I think you should really show pics of both you and your friend for a better answer.

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    1) They can be intimidated by a really attractive girl.

    2) Guys look at more than just looks. I like a girl that likes to laugh, is compassionate/kind, and can really be a friend as much the sexy lady whose clothes I want to rip off. That cute girl might have a really cute personality as well. Work on yourself, be the most awesome version of yourself in all aspects and you'll find great quality guys swooning towards you.

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    I agree with the first answer, they are less likely to be stuck up and materialistic. That's not to say there are hot girls out there who aren't like that.

    And also someones definition of cute and hot can be totally different, a girl I may think is outrageously hot, my friend would think is just cute.

  • I think it's a sort of (shudder) stereotype thing. There is a sort of background idea that a 'hot' babe is a hot babe for everybody, whereas a 'cute' babe is sort of steady, reliable, and so on.

    I think guys just don't want to settle with a 'hot' babe because they're afraid the hottie might wander off with the next guy that thinks she's hot, and hotties need to keep up a public image and/or ego thing.

    Deep down, most guys want a steady, reliable girl to take home to mum.

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    Why do guys prefer cute girls over hot girls?

    Many guys consider me very "sexy". I'm tall, slim, blonde and well endowed. I've done modeling in the past and I"m ambitious and have goals in life. I do get hit on fairly common.

    My best friend Christine is the "girl next door' type. She's adorable, sweet,...

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    For one thing, most girls that are not considered "hot" have to develop a personality. They know how to treat people in a way that makes them feel comfortable. As a generality, the "hot" girls don't have to do any of that. They are used to letting everyone else fall all over themselves because of her looks. The other thing about "Hot" girls is that they are intimidating. Unless you are in that 2% of guys that are really good looking and rich, you figure it's a waste of time even trying to get with her.

    I define cute as someone that's fun to be around, maybe not the prettiest but easy to talk to.

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    I would never start a relationship with a hot women because they require too much maintenance. I would only find them sexually attractive that's all. Cute girls is the way to go because they are usually true to what they say, and I could really be myself. Not saying that hot girls aren't like that, but most of the time they think just because they are hot, they deserve certain things.

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    How a girl looks determines how guys approach her. Maybe because you're the "model" type, you attract guys sexually, on the basis of your looks; however, you're not satisfied with that kind of attraction, and this means you need something deeper.

    Maybe a "look" closer to the ordinary will help; encourage the guy to relate and converse with you, thus making clear to him that you are not what he thinks of you upon first looks.

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