How does one determine if a psychic or clairvoyant is real or a scam?

Making the assumption that there are people are a legitimate psychics and clairvoyants, how does one determine a real one from a fake? What are the criteria used to determine if a psychic is actually a psychic?


While I tend to agree with Paul, I was hoping to elicit a response from a believer in this type of paranormal phenomena.

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    10 years ago
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    I tend to agree with Paul, you just can't make that assumption.

    My criterion is quite simple, I would ask them why they are not millionaires as James Randi will GIVE them $1,000,000 just for proving their ability under mutually agreed conditions, ALL Psychics and Clairvoyants are fakes, some are outright scams others genuinely believe they have the power, ultimately neither have.

    James Randi and Harry Houdini between them have spent a HUNDRED years scouring the globe for just ONE, they have failed in their quest.

    Just one on the whole planet, is that too much to ask in a hundred years?

    EDIT 1: an old Priestess, there's not one authenticated case of a psychic helping the police to solve a crime other than by chance alone, they are considered a nuisance by most forces although they are duty bound to listen to them.

    EDIT 2: The most famous case in recent times of 'Psychics' helping the police is the sad case of Madeleine McCann, still missing after more than three years despite the efforts of the world's 'best' psychics!

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  • Sally
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    4 years ago

    I feel that the ones that ask you for money in return for a psychic reading are scamming you, but I am sure that there are people hidden away around the world that have some strong ability that don't parade it around the streets. I feel that it's ignorant to think that all are scams and all are real. None of us know what is at the end of our universe so who are we to tell you if psychics are real or not.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    You would have to test them, and they will tell you that they don't want to be tested. Of course, the only real reason they don't want you to test them is because they know they can't possibly pass, but that is not the question you are asking. How to test them for legitimacy. Part of that depends on what they claim their psychic powers are. Here are some quick tests that you could do and get out of the way before consulting the psychic. If they fail, they are probably fake, if they pass they are probably legit.

    1) You could give them a simple blind card test. Take a simple deck of cards and shuffle them. Draw one out of the deck, and ask the psychic to identify it. Make sure the card is visible for any ghosts or spirits to see, just not the psychic. Draw 5 times, if the psychic gets all 5 (suit and value) they are real for sure (chances of random success is over 1 in 300 million). Even if they just get the suits its a 1 in 1024 chance. Anything less than 2 cards suit and value correct is probably just a guess.

    2) Have a random object hidden in your pocket, or on your person, not a personal possession (shiny rock, guitar pick, coupon for chicken). Ask him/her to specifically identify it. If he is vague and give you information that is obvious (its something light and small) then he is faking. If he identifies it, and describes it well, he is probably legit. Anything in between is interesting, but a big maybe.

    I think the best indicator is that anyone who truly believes they are a true psychic would not have any problem with you testing them first, as long as you are being up front and honest about it. Just like any doctor would not be offended if you asked for their credentials before visiting them, or for that matter any professional in any field would not be offended if you made sure they were legit first.

    If they are offended and refuse to be tested, then they probably don't believe they can pass the test, which is a strong indicator that they are fake.

    I mean, what would you do if you asked a physician for his credentials and he said "I don't need those, I got a sign on my door with my name and the letters DR in front. If thats not proof enough that I am a real doctor then go to someone else." You probably wouldn't go to him with your medical needs, would you?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    One would almost have to experience ESP or clairvoyance to believe it. For every genuine psychic there are hundreds of impostors; but it does exist.

    Anyone with a sign saying Fortune Teller, is usually seeking your fortune.

    There was a test administered at one time called Rhine, which determined true ability in some areas of extra sensory perception. Real psychics have been used to aid law enforcement in solving some crimes.

    The Television program, "Medium" is about a true physic Allison Dubois, who did undergo tests to reveal her ability.

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  • 10 years ago

    The "test" if you will is in the details. A fake will give you vague answers. "I see money coming into your future". or "I see a person whose name starts with A." or "I see you getting married." A real psychic will be able to give you small details and it will be things they can't have gotten from anywhere else. A real psychic is someone who stops you in the grocery store b/c they have a need to tell you something. And it won't be to get you to make an appointment with them, but something they have a need to tell (and then they walk away). Most of the good ones... are the ones who don't advertise their ability, b/c most of them are actually afraid of what people will say (cause let's face it, the fake ones have ruined it for those with a true gift).

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  • 10 years ago

    People with real psychic ability have no need to brag while the fake tend to brag that they can read you easily. Real psychics do not ask you personal questions before they start and fake always ask name, age, year you were born in,etc.

    Source(s): Working on my own psychic abilities
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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    A psychic is not someone who tells you the future

    or what card you're holding in your hand. They are

    someone who can perceive certain energies that

    most others cannot. They usually work with the

    police to solve violent crimes, or to investigate

    hauntings. Payment is not important to them...

    they seek only to help others and to make a

    constructive use of an ability that they happen

    to have.

    If you are familiar with this sort of thing you can

    interview a person and see if they appear to have

    the right experience and knowledge. Ultimately,

    you just have to give them a chance and see what

    results they can produce.

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  • 10 years ago

    Making the assumption that the moon is made of cheese, how does one determine whether or not a particular piece of cheese came from the moon?

    The criterion is a very simple one. Prove that you got hold of information that you could not have obtained by non-psychic means.

    No psychic has ever met this criterion.

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  • 10 years ago

    Honesty is its own 'giveaway'. You can't cheat an honest person. A crook gives out signals and body language that can't be faked or hidden. God is very honest. Pay attention and know what is real- there are honest psychics. Pray.

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  • 10 years ago

    I knew your question would bring out the peanut gallery. Watch all the thumbs down I get for giving you a straight answer.

    If you can find one who works for free, it's a pretty safe bet you are not getting scammed.

    As far as real psychic ability, see if they know things about you that one couldn't deduce from looking at you or the nature of your question. For example a question like, "When will I find love?" might elicit a response like, "I feel you are lonely." or "According to your aura, you have a lot of love to give." Sometimes the answer is extremely general- "You are a fun loving person..." Aren't we all? Any reading which requires a follow-up is a sure sign of a scam: "I see a dark entity, a demon, has attached itself to you, and is the cause of your current trouble. I can get rid of it for a small fee."

    A real psychic can look into your soul and see what's going on. He/she can find and reveal things you are hiding from yourself. If you phrase the question correctly and work with somebody who is good, the experience can be very helpful. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fakes and scammers out there.

    Source(s): Personal experience- sitting on both sides of the table.
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