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Where does the phrase "Patria o Muerte" come from and who was the first to say it?

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    "Homeland or death!" is a call to fight for one's country.

    This article suggests it started in the Mexican war of 1847.

    "Esta frase de Vicente Guerrero dio origen a otra frase ¡Patria o Muerte! cuando los mexicanos combatieron contra los Estados Unidos en la guerra de 1847, según el autor Eulalio Ferrer."

    Fidel Castro used it in Cuba in the early 1960s.

    It is possibly related to the latin "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori" which comes from one of Horace's Odes -

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    Not the exact same words but it can be traced back to the French revolution and the enlightenment where the modern ideas of the nation, the citizen and the justified people's armed revolution were born.

    Calls to the nation and freedom or death were the center of many revolutions at the time, including the first and the most successful at the time, the american revolution.

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    Its a motto, said by Fidel Castro, around the 60's in front of all death souldiers that fighted against the americans, sayin there was no other way, fight for a free country or die"

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    This motto can also be found on the "TRES PESOS" Coin (Cuban pesos) backside, where also picture of Che Guevara is also stamped on.

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