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does this Trevor-d custom jewellery guy highest price for used gold in Toronto?

It is Canada Day weekend and I am looking for the highest price I can get for my broken gold earrings and a crappy gold chain I will never wear again.

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    Yesyesyesyes!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe I can Vouch for him!!!

    Of all the jewellers, he was THE only one that did not try and rip me off!

    All the others along yonge street totally tried to slime me, fool me. LOL

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    DEFINITELY! I needed cash to pay for my mortgage payments when I couldn't work due to illness,(which I wont go into details about) ...and he was SO compassionate!!!

    Man Trevor is kind!!! Check him out.

    There, now I have helped him the way he helped me when I was broke!

    Source(s): Trevor-d custom jewellery 211 yonge street suite 306 toronto 416-885-6020
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    I believe he does. At least he did for me when I needed some extra cash selling old rings I would never wear.

    Call him to see I guess. 416-885-6020

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    YES I checked around and then after meeting him, I sold him my old gold rings for cash

    a good guy!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Of course!!

    Everyone in Toronto knows that!!! Where are you from anyway??? LOL

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    Jah Man! hehe...I sell him all my old grillz and broken chains and stuff. He pay me cash and melt them into pendant for me!

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    Yep Yep.

    Source(s): Trevor-d custom jewellery 416-885-6020
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    I think it is SIMPLE....just CALL HIM ! LOL 416-886-6020

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