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Body Modification (3D Art Implants) in NYC?

Does anyone know of a good body modification artist in NYC? I want to get a cross or swirls on my inner wrist. Something nice, not disgusting looking. I need a good, reputable implant artist.

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    1 decade ago
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    Brian Decker

    Although most known for his scarification, he also does subdermals. In Brooklyn.

    I would travel across the country to get to him (and probably the planet) *saves pennies*

    Steve Haworth is also amazing and pretty much one of the god-fathers of mods.. But I don't know if he's still working

    Also Howie of LunaCobra. But I don't where he's based anymore, and his website seems a little messed up :)

    They're probably three of the most well known and well respected mod artists around.

    You really should try and get to them. They're great for a reason.

    As for the design and placement...

    A swirl probably wouldn't be very well defined unless it was huge.

    Most people would be VERY wary to mess around with your inner wrists like that as theres a few very serious veins, tendons etc. Tissue resorption could prove to be a problem. Wrists move a lot. And it could quite easily mess with your mobility

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Some of them are very artful and look good on some people. Others are just trashy. I guess it depends on that person's taste for it, and the people they go to to have them done. I have no tattoos, but if I decided to have one, I would go to a professional artist, even if it cost me a lot of money. I wouldn't be OK with a mediocre job that will last forever.

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