What are good decision making strategies other than process of elimination?

My friend Mimi and I have issues with decision making. We tried using process of elimination, but it didn't work. We can't make plans, decide where to eat, or even what to go do. Help!

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    rock, scissors,paper

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    You need to have a specific idea in mind before you make a plan. My best friend and I are the same way. You should have something specific in mind before you even call her to make plans. Like, say there's a new sushi place in town that you've been wanting to try. Don't call the bestie and ask her what she wants to do. Instead, ask if she wants to go to the new sushi place.

    If you guys have so many options that you've been using process of elimination as a way to make your decisions, just go with the first idea you have. What you guys do together isn't even really all that important in the long run. The fact that you're hanging out together is what you guys are going to remember years down the line whether you hit the dollar menu or take a Vegas road trip.

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    Example, going out to eat - you want one restaurant, your friend another. As a friend, with give&take in mind, consider occasional capitulation - even if your taste buds scream "Italian" while your friend's "Chinese", try instead to enjoy the company of your friend even if you may end up choosing plain bread-sticks all night long. Regards, Pat.

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    Historical result relationships.

    An example:

    I ate at this place where the food and service were good. I'll go again.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you weigh the pros and cons of something and if there are more of one than the other you take that action. Like if there are more good points for something you do that.

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    One states something she likes and wants. If the other can't refute it, do it.

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