What does an FBI agent do?

I read they do a lot of paperwork? Is that the majority of their job? Is it a boring job?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Depends on what section you work for ( white collar crime, cyber-crime, organized crime etc.). But for the most part an FBI special agent conducts federal investigations. Most of the time the FBI will call in local police to make the actual arrest for them, but they do arrest suspects also. There is A LOT of paperwork involved in any job which involves investigation and arrest especially in federal crimes because they are usually high stake cases. I am not saying that paperwork is all that you will be doing, but, one should be prepared to do their fair share. I do not think that any law enforcement job can be classified as boring because everyday is going to be something different.

  • Bob B
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    10 years ago

    FBI agents are basically detectives and do similar work to the police; they just investigate different crimes. If a crime takes place across state borders, or it's a crime the FBI has jurisdiction over (eg terrorism), then the FBI will investigate, although they normally work with the local police.

    There is, of course a lot of paperwork in the job- most jobs have a lot of that. But that's definitely not all they do.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    FBI Special Agents are responsible for conducting sensitive national security investigations and for enforcing over 300 federal statutes. As an FBI Special Agent you may work on matters including terrorism, foreign counterintelligence, cyber crime, organized crime, white-collar crime, public corruption, civil rights violations, financial crime, bribery, bank robbery, extortion, kidnapping, air piracy, interstate criminal activity, fugitive and drug-trafficking matters, and other violations of federal statutes.

    ------------> http://www.fbijobs.gov/11.asp

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  • 3 years ago

    What Does The Fbi Do

  • 10 years ago

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    Source(s): Die Hard Point Break X-Files
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  • Anonymous
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