Joomla clarification?

i'm new to joomla. i have installed joomla in my root directory and deployed my project too. now i dont know what to do next?

and i want to know about component,modules,plugins basics

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    Joomla's Web site itself has a lot of valuable info to get you started in no time -

    You want to start by logging into Joomla's admin panel, add "/administrator" to the root of your site in the address line. There you will be able to change template, site structure, update content.

    Joomla extensions belong to one of these categories:

    - Components. These define the functionality of a particular page. When you create a new menu selection you specify which component will be displayed when that menu selection is accessed - article, list of articles in a certain section, login page, etc.

    - Modules. In addition to the main component on a page you could have modules. These have to be displayed in one of the placeholders offered by your template. Navigation menu is an example of a module.

    - Plug-ins. These allow you to tweak the content displayed by the main component or a module in a certain way. Modules also offer additional functionality not associated with displayed content (like adding an analytics tracking code).

    Good luck!

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    You can start here: and here

    Pretty much any question I have while developing an application in joomla has already been asked. Simply googling it I find an answer.

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    You can refer some books like joomla bible.

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