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Do you agree with President Obama that rising unemployment is good for our country?

As the unemployment rate has continued to rise, Obama and others have been constantly saying we are in a state of economic recovery. Unemployment was not nearly so high under Bush and yet the higher it goes the more loudly I hear people boasting, especially Obama, this is GOOD.

I do not remember who it was but I think it was the governor of Michigan who said "it is easier for the government to give out money than create jobs" and Michigan has one of if not the highest rate of unemployment in the country.

I have heard environmentalists say more unemployment is better for the environment. Less people driving back and forth to work means less of a carbon footprint.

I believe more people working hard and making more money is better for our country than a greater and GREATER number of people not working at all and depending on the government. Yet, our current government seems to WANT MORE and MORE PEOPLE DEPENDENT on it and IT ALONE! Why is this good?

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    Did President Obama really say that the rising unemployment rate was good for the country? That'd be a heckuva faux pas and politcal suicide because the government(s) pay unemployment benefits (lose money) when more workers are unemployed. The government would function better if more were working and paying taxes on their income. Of course, more unemployment would be something wanted by one trying to crash the nation's economy. Hmmmmm.

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    Number 1 - it's a good thing for obama. He wants chaos...he wants the destruction of America. Argue me otherwise till you are blue in the face, I think all of this is intentional. Let me say why: We've already done this!

    Think FDR and the "raw deal" opps, meant new deal. Anyways - he's copying FDR. He's copying Woodrow Wilson.

    This is all intentional - green whatever be damned, it's not important. What is important is bringing America's way of life down so that all countries are equal and on a level playing field. In English - if you make 14k a year, you're are right on par with what the world should make as a whole...recall it's good to spread the wealth around, all things being equal you know.

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    I do agree with the President that "rising unemployment is good for the country", your words, not mine.

    However, I also agree with ther RNC that going about poor neighborhoods, capturing children with which to make soup for R politicians, is also a good idea.

    You see, amybody can make up stuff, no matter how absurd, in the hope of collection agreement from a small group of retards.

    Howz your effort going?

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    i'm no longer very inspired with how Obama is coping with the final with youngster cloves, The republican occasion purely cares approximately status interior the way of our financial restoration and subsequently making Obama's plan seem to have failed because of the fact they think of this could be their cost ticket returned to potential. The GOP lost enormous time For A reason! Obama desires to start up kicking some extreme Butt and show those Republicans who might extremely see united statesa. cave in then to loose yet another election. For now, the republicans are no longer even necessary nor are they proper to the achievement of Obama's plans. Obama desires to prevail in around the isle and SLAP the snot out of people who might extremely see Obama and the US fail !

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    Oh, well, if Boss Limbaugh is on your side, lying is all right.

    By the way, your poster boy W plunged us all into this crap. Obama is trying to work out of it. Even 4 years from now, the problem will still be Bush's policies. Time doesn't change that. If it did, why OJ WAS innocent!

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    High unemployment is GREAT for corporations and businesses that want us all fighting for minimum wage jobs. But its bad for Americas economy as it severely weakens the tax base unless we tax the corporations and the ultra rich at much higher rates America will default and decease but I think that is their plan anyhow.

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    I wonder who those environmentalists are who claim that unemployment is good because fewer people are driving to work. Greens and their allies (myself included) support the creation of carbon-neutral jobs rather than increasing joblessness.

    Here in the UK we face increasing unemplyment and I've not heard of anyone, envorinmentalist or not, who supports this.

    Source(s): Green Party supporter
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    why do u say our? yahoo answers is world wide u know

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    unemployment is bad!

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