Tongue piercing healing process?

I got my tongue pierced yesterday and the piercer didn't really inform me of the healing process. I've researched the healing process and everyone says the swelling is worse on days 2-4 and the pain is worse etc.. My pain and swelling were far worse yesterday, but i still have swelling and pain today. Is this normal? Also I'm rinsing my mouth with a alcohol free mouh wash, should i replace/also use saltwater? Ideas also of what to eat during the healing process would be much appriciated :)

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    Hey there,

    Well, I had my Tongue pierced last Thursday and I found that the most uncomfortable part of it all was trying to eat and talk, as it would hurt my Tongue a little. I rinsed my mouth out with an alcohol free mouthwash everything I ate and drank anything that wasn't water or ice. For the first 1-3 days I was living off mashed potato, ice cream, jelly, and ice cold water, but on day 4 i managed to eat some toast. My swelling went down completely after 6 days and I had my bar changed to a smaller size yesterday and now I love it! It's definitely worth the few days of not being able to eat or talk much. Also, after about 3-4 days you may notice a bit of puss coming out of the holes. If its white then its normal and its just your Tongue getting used to the bar being there and to clean the wound. I also experienced a bit of bleeding over night, that's also normal as long as its not too much blood! If you have any problems or are worried about anything be sure to ring your doctor or piercer and they will help you out. Having an infection on your Tongue wouldn't be very nice - yuck!

    Oh yeah, more about the pain and swelling - I didn't take any pain killers as I wasn't having that much pain, but make sure you're careful when you eat as you may bite down on the barbell and damage your teeth and it may also be a bit painful when you do eat. Same with talking, try to keep talking to a minimum as I found it hurt when I spoke. I don't think my Tongue swelled too much, although I woke up one morning with teeth marks in my Tongue because my Tongue was pushing against my teeth! Haha.

    Anyway, hope I helped X

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    Don't worry aout the pain and swelling bit. Everyone heals and feels differently.

    The worst of it should of gone after a week, but there will probably be some tenderness and swelling left.

    Alcohol free mouthwash is a fine alternative to sea salt soaks. Saliva is a pretty good cleaner anyway. And saltwater tastes really disgusting.

    Ibuprofen will help keep the edge off the swelling. But check its safe for you to take.

    Just eat what you feel comfortable with. I ate normally, but slowly. Lots of people end up eating soup, smoothies and baby food (nicer than its sounds).

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