MS- New Engineering Fields in 2020: URGENT!!!?

Hi, if u want to pursue a MS in new engineering fields like Nano Tech or Environmental Eng, what would be the suggested BE course to take? Also, please suggest booming Engineering fields in 2020?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. In general, I would suggest Robotics and CAD CAM (computer-automated design/manufacturing). For example, houses and office buildings will be manufactured from the "architectural drawings", without human intervention. Cars will travel without driver intervention on automated roadways.

    Human labor will be eliminated in the skilled trades, etc, to be replaced by a "master class" of CAD-CAM computer engineers.

    2. Human perception and memory will be "machine-augmented", meaning that as we walk along, a camera will capture an image of each person we encounter, and via face-recognition will give us a complete history of that person's identity -- net worth, employment, all personal information, etc. -- so that you can use this information to advantage in any "negotiation".

    3. Each person will have an "intelligent agent", a computer system that will automatically find and negotiate your ideal next job, marriage partner, house, vacations to enjoy, etc.

    4. Just read some science-fiction books & use your imagination.

    Good luck!


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