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Why do Republicans ***** about California being a liberal hellhole?

The last time liberals controlled the state was Jerry Brown. We balanced the budget, had a good education, and leading the way in green energy.

Republicans took over and its been downhill since then.

CA is not a liberal paradise, but a conservative paradise.

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    I guess you forgot about that governor that got recalled so Arnold could become Governor. Do you remember Gray Davis?

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    California had the final instruction gadget till liberals took over. Now, graduates of the Ca edu gadget consistently under carry out. you're ultimate that the greater time pupils spend being indoctrinated the greater liberal they alter into. And Ca relatively knows a thank you to deal with immigrants. loose housing, loose scientific, and each thing else. center classification workin persons pays for all of it, heck, they are all wealthy. How approximately that advantageous deficit you have been working? How's that workin out for ya? i think in case you think of greater human beings and companies leaving than installation keep is a sturdy concern for the state financial gadget, then yea guy, this is cool. Ca had the final highways and parks. Then liberals became a majority. How's the site visitors on the Orange weigh down these days? Yea guy. bypass to a state coastline or park interior the Sierra Nevada and tell me how that's now. How approximately all them actual cool taxes? You taking area in that? Oh wait, my undesirable, each and every thing is Bush and Arnold's fault, precise? I forgot, this is been some years. That place went to hell so I advised them to bypass to hell and moved. Signed-A proud EX Californian.

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    Um, because it is. (easy pointage there!)

    I think you're forgetting about the people who actually pass laws in that state. Conservative they are not. There are conservative cells within California. There are also the liberal elite who choose to live behind gates, guards and guns. They don't mind their gangs and illegal immigrants because they're shielded from them. The govt has attempted to rename high crime areas and add tourist buses to change their reputation and raise money. Brilliance in action! CA has cities that provide comfort to the enemy-illegal immigrants. Gangs and drugs go far beyond the inner city, in that Mexico uses CA as their highway for running both. They can't balance a budget and the last idea they came up with was sending vendors IOUs. They're the most confused state in the nation.

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    You do understand there is more to the state than the Governor? You do understand that policies set by one term of politicians will have a ripple effect on the future of the state? This is why leftist have so much trouble understanding politics. They can't seem to understand the cumulative effect of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government over time. This is why they always blame bush and give a pass to congress. Too many people to keep track of to place blame so just blame bush.

    Source(s): I lived there too...
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    I live in California and it's not as liberal as the rest of the country seems to think it is. Yes, SF is very liberal but it's a HUGE state with a very strong conservative streak, especially in the interior. I'm willing to bet many of the posters that think it's so liberal have probably never been here.

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    If it were a Conservative paradise it wouldn't be bankrupt. It wouldn't have confiscatory taxes and draconian legislation running people and businesses out of the state.

    Wake up!

    Yes, I used to live there.

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    Are you just nuts. The Democrats have controlled Sacramento along with the developer lobby and the teachers unions for over forty years. Here's a good one for you. The Democrats have failed once again to meet the deadline for a State budget due yesterday.

    Source(s): Ca. resident for over 60 years.
  • When's the last time California voted for a Republican for president? You probably weren't even born.

    California is dark blue liberal democrat. Dems control the state.

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    Please are you kidding i learned this in junior high from a very liberal teacher. He said that... um...lemme think... OH YEAH! People sometimes run under false titles to get to a seat of power.

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    It's an ENTITLEMENT Utopia. Arnold is a RINO married to a Kennedy.

    Illegals run LA

    Welfare bums use ATMs at strip clubs and casinos there.

    You are broke and will have to cut most welfare payments now. After THAT WILL be a Conservative paradise.

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