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Your thoughts on Sharlto Copley as an actor?

He was Murdock in the Ateam and also in District 9. Hasn't done many movies, but would like to see him in more. He is from south africa.


BQ: Favorite Ateam charachter?

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    I really love Sharlto Copley's acting. He was really amazing in District 9. He made me laugh at some points of the film and cry like a little girl at other parts. Not a lot of actors have that sort of an emotional impact on me. Not to mention that all of the dialog in that film was improvised. Improv isn't an easy thing to accomplish and make as believable as Mr. Copley did in District 9.

    In The A-Team Sharlto's Murdock definitely steals the show. When I saw it in the theatre his jokes got the biggest reaction out of the audience. And as a fan of the classic A-Team television program I found his Murdock to be very similar to the original, but at the same time different enough so he wasn't just doing a carbon copy impersonation. It reminded me of how Karl Urban seamlessly channeled DeForest Kelley in the new Star Trek film. I also noticed that his accent never cracked in this. Never would I ever have thought Sharlto was South African had I not known before hand.

    I really enjoyed his performance in both District 9 and A-Team and will definitely be following his future films. Both of the characters he plays are so incredibly different, but so incredibly well done.

    BQ: My favourites were always Murdock and B.A. I like the way they play off of each other and push each other's buttons. It was always a really good laugh.

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    One of my favorite actors, he's absolutely amazing on and off the set, hilarious, (all of D9s dialogue was improv), very believable and entertaining, and even though he's only done two films so far, he's already proven he has a very wide acting range. However, a lot of people are going to be quick to judge him and downtalk his success and skill because he hasn't done a hit movie that forces general audiences to like him. Everyones gonna love Pacino and Stallone and Swayze because they're classics, but they're allowed to hate Sharlto and he is new to acting, so they're going to. I personally just ignore all that, because once you peel back all the hype and nitpicking and preconceived notions about him, and get down to the core of it, all thats there is incredible talent.

    BQ? Murdock

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    I thought he was absolutely fantastic in District 9. A really great performance as a unconventional hero.

    I thought he was entertaining in the A-Team

    BQ: B.A

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    he's okay, only seen on District 9 and he was pretty good actor.

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    I like his name.

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