Can i get into UNC Chapel Hill with a 3.32 GPA?

3.32 unweighted GPA. I take pretty rigorous classes including three AP's this year (Bio, Stat, US history). and three my senior year. (Chem, Euro,Lang). i am a full time runner and have been on varsity 7 times in the past three years. unfortunately, i got a 1670 on the SAT, and a 28 on my ACT. i dont plan on taking sat 2's. they aren't really helpful. i have over 200 hours from volunteering at Princeton Medical center in new jersey and Special Olympics

im also in tutoring society, yearbook, and our school's cultural club.

im also in math honor society.

can my extracurriculars get me in? even with my low test scores? i know it might be a longshot..

also im a indian female if that helps

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    It's going to be tough because you have both a low gpa and low sat score. Also remember that the acceptance rate for out of state students is around 18%

    I first suggest that you take the SAT again in October. Really find out what your weaknesses are on the test by looking at your score report on Then get a book called Princeton Review 11 practice SAT tests 2008. It gives you explanations for each questions, and it gives you tips at the beginning of the book, which you should read thoroughly! Study really hard this summer, so you'll be ready!

    By the way, not having SAT Subject Tests/SAT 2's does NOT put you at a disadvantage when applying to Chapel Hill. Also, apply Early Action because you'll find out earlier and you may have a greater chance of getting in. It is NOT binding.

    Make sure you have a stellar essay. Start on the essay early, make revisions, etc The essay not only should be polished and grammatically correct but also show that you can write well. They should read it and walk away knowing something about you that cannot be known by just number and grades. Make it genuine. Perhaps write about an extracurricular activity you're passionate about.

    Use the optional essay section!!! Talk about how you're trying to bring your GPA up, which you should do. Talk about HOW specifically you are going to improve your grades this year, how you've matured as a student, etc. But do NOT make it sound like an excuse!

    Get a recommendation letter from somebody who knows you as an academically gifted student AND can talk about you as a person. This may be a teacher who admires what you bring to his or her class and you got an "A" in that class. You need a solid recommendation letter. Let the person know well ahead of time, at least a month about this, and check up on them once in a while. Have a copy of the letter, in case something is lost.

    Send in everything as early as you can! Really take time on your application, and give it your best try. Good luck!!!

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    UNC Chapel Hill is a great school, and it's one of the best schools in the south. It'd be a good choice. If you can raise your grades to around a 3.5 in community college, you'd stand a very good chance of getting into UNC Chapel Hill. The fact that you didn't do well in high school will no longer matter. The colleges you want to transfer to will all look at your cc grades.

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