The Last Airbender!!?

Can someone please exlpain the show to me. Im going to see the movie tommorrow and Im curious. I know Ang is the last airbender (obviously) and Zuko from the fire nation is trying to destory him. And I know Katara and Sokka are going with Ang to save the world. but where are they going and what are they doing? i know who the characters are and stuff like that. But i havent seen any episodes of the show in order so I dont get it. Thanks (:

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    For your own good, please, please, please watch the cartoon. There are plenty of websites that you can Google that have all of the episodes in order and they are only about twenty minutes long. The movie is the first season (or "book" as it is called in the cartoon) and it is a poor representation of the series. That's saying it nicely. The entire three seasons are about 60 episodes long and out of the twenty or so that are the first season, the movie only shows about five or less.

    I'll give you the shortest summary I can, but the show is so amazing and if you see the movie without seeing the show, you might never want to watch it.

    So, I'm assuming you know the basis of the show. There are four nations and each nation has an element that some people in that nation can control. There is an Avatar that can control all four elements and go into the Spirit World that is born into each nation after the previous Avatar dies. Aang, who was an Air Nomad, was told that he was the Avatar when he was about 10-12 years old. Because he was the Avatar, the monks would not allow him to have family and his friends pretty much ignored him. He became angry about how unfair this was and he fled the Air Temple. He become caught in a storm and the encased in ice where he would be found 100 years later.

    When Katara and Sokka find him and then find out that he is the Avatar, they decide to join him and go to the Northern Water Tribe because both Aang and Katara need a water bending teacher. For the first half of the series, they focus on Aang learning water bending. Later on, they start to focus on defeating the Fire Nation and Fire Lord Ozai and make world peace. Along their way to the Nourthern Water Tribe, they have to avoid being killed/captured by Zuko, who needs to return the Avatar to his father to regain his honor and his rightful place on the throne. His father and sister really actually hate him and would prefer if he died, but his Uncle Iroh is helping him on his quest to find the Avatar.

    The basic plot of the series is that for each season, Aang must learn a new element while trying to get closer to defeating the Firelord. Earth for season 2 and fire for season 3.

    I'm not sure that I answered your question of "where are they going and what are they doing" because that is such a complex question where I would have to explain the whole series to you and that would take awhile. Despite what the movie shows, the characters are actually very deep and humorous and it is one of the best, if not the best, animated show in the last five years. The movie was extremely disappointing (and that is an extreme understatement) and I would suggest that you actually watch the show. Here's the link to the Wikipedia page if you still have questions. There is also a complete list of the episodes in order if you would like to know in greater detail what they do.

    Also, if you want to watch the show, here is the website Toonsurfer that has every episode in order:

    I hope I helped!

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