What would be some good names for the popular kids in school, both male and female? (description inside)?

I'm writing a story but I can't seem to come up with any names.


Most popular and gorgeous guy in school.

He is obsessed with hokey and is surprisingly smart. No one really knows much about him despite his status. His also- inevitably -a player.

Height and body type: 6"2, well-built

Hair and eye color: platinum blonde, icy blue

Male# 2:

He is the skater kid with a side of class clown, enjoys rock music and always comes in second to male #1.

Height and body type: 5"11, lean

Hair and eye color: dirty blonde, green

Male# 3:

Party kid, very rich, sweet-talking player. Divorced parents, brother of female#1, living with his dad.

Height and body type: 6", lean

Hair and eye color: chocolate brown, brown.

Male# 4:

Seems like male #3 at first sight but is the sweetest and nicest guy around, best friend to male # 3, also very attractive.

Height and body type: 5'10, fit

Hair and eye color: light brown/sandy, gray

Male# 5:

His a stoner, high all the time. When his not high hes very serious and never smiles. Best friend of male# 1 and female# 2 .

Height and body type: 6'4, skinny

Hair and eye color:dark brownish-red, green

Female# 1

She is the main character, later on dating male#1. She likes to party and is an amazing dancer. She has a drinking problem that only female#2 know about due to her very hard past, she's smart and has a look that draws people in, and "seems" very rich when in reality her family is struggling to put food on the table or pay the rent, nobody knows that though. She also has anger management and is sometimes violent, but she is good natured most of the time, though she can be a *itch. She is very independent, and also very attractive. She is considered the "bad-a**" of the group, but she is also very classy. her parents are divorced, she lives with her mom and her brother is male# 3 but they don't get along well.

Height and body type: 5'8, hourglass

Hair color/length and eye color : bum length brown , brown

Female# 2

Leader of the group, but always competing with female#1. She is classy, and has an average intelligence, very nice to everyone but talks bull behind their backs, and always gets away with it. Very arrogant and looks down upon everyone.

Height and body type: 5'5, hourglass

Hair color/length and eye color : waist length dark blonde hair, blue eyes.

Female# 3

Strongly dislikes female#1, is a *itch to everyone but her best friend (female#4), very shallow arrogant,and overly confident. Her Idea of culture is MTV .

Height and body type: 5'2, fit/athletic.

Hair color/length and eye color : jet black bob, green

Female# 4

Follower of female#3, doesn't really have much of a personality, but she is attractive .

Height and body type:5'8, 'ruler' body type

Hair color/length and eye color : strawberry blonde, brown

Female# 5:

Very smart, well rounded, with the American girl next door look. Best friend of female #2, close friend to female#1. Very finny and friendly, might have something going on with male #4.

Height and body type:5"5, average

Hair color/length and eye color : light blonde, dark blue eyes

PS. For some unknown reason whenever someone talks about male#1 and they are not in his presence they use his full name. BTW all these kids are all-american.

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    male #1: Brandon Smith

    male#2: Miles Keller

    male#3: James Carter

    Male#4: Seth Martin

    Male#5: Cody Parker

    Female#1: Jessica Carter

    Female#2: Scarlette Reed

    Female#3: Jaden Green

    Female#4: Britny Miller

    Female#5: Katie Jones

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    female: Jenna Louise, Brooklynn Marie, Carlee Olivia, Joria Haven, and Assyria Marie Boy: Samuel Kaden, Seth Mitchell, Keith Javan, and Nathan Joel And that only names some!

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    Those are all in order as the questions go.

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