DMV in North Carolina-Test Taking question about OUt of state people.?

If someone can answer my question I will be so grateful.

I am from New Jersey, and I plan on going to COllege in NC, i will be having my license for about six months or so. I will be boarding in the school for about two or three years then moving into an apartment, so when i actually do change all my documents from NJ to NC.

would i have to take all the tests again???

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    A new resident has 60 days after establishing residence to obtain a North Carolina license or learner permit. If you hold a commercial driver license from another jurisdiction and wish to maintain a commercial license, you must apply for and receive a North Carolina commercial license within 30 days after becoming a resident.

    DMV shall not issue a driver license or identification card to an applicant who has resided in this state for less than 12 months until the division has completed a search of the National Sex Offender Public Registry.

    • You must be at least 15 years of age, if under age 18 must have completed an approved driver education course consisting of at least 30 hours classroom instruction and six hours behind-the-wheel instruction.

    • Drivers ages 16 or 17 who are new residents of North Carolina and hold a valid unrestricted driver license from a state that does not require driver education may be issued a temporary driver permit. This permit will allow them to drive until the driver education course required for driver licensing in North Carolina is completed.

    A new resident, 18 years or older, applying for a Class C License is required to take the following:

    • Knowledge test (must be completed by 4:30 p.m.);

    • Vision test;

    • Traffic signs recognition test; and

    • Driving skills test (if the examiner deems necessary). No driving skills test will be initiated After 4 p.m.

    North Carolina is currently updating their Newcomer Guide, so this is the best I could find. It's from the NC DOT site below from Chapter 1 pages 21/22.

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    No, you just turn in your old license and get the new one issued. You only need the eye test.

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