Have a Toyota Tacoma TRD 2006 wanna make it go faster?

Hey whats goin well I have a 2006 tacoma TRD and was wondering does any one know any things to make it go faster? Like changing up some parts or anything lol Im not a racer or anything just wanna do it for the heck of it any suggestions would be great if any one knows be breezy take care!!

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  • 10 years ago
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    Cold Air Intake

    Performance Exhaust


    And, if you want to spend the money, but it sure is worth it

    Take it back to the dealership and have them put on a supercharger

  • 3 years ago

    The TRD option consists (I think) of: special wheels/tires, higher ride height, stronger springs, heavy duty shocks, and probably better cooling and differential gears suited for off road running. These are not good trucks for getting maximum fuel mileage, but they will last a LONG time with a little care and maintenance.

  • 10 years ago

    i have a 06 trd tacoma as well, u can get the TRD supercharger, a cold air intake, and an exhaust

    here is an exhaust


    here is the intake


    here is a supercharger


    u should check this forum out, this will help u out alot.

  • Rabbit
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    10 years ago

    headers and exhaust, will give u mor power, longer travel gears better acceleration and fuel mileage, intake a couple things to help

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