Who do you think will be in NXT Season 3?

the season will only be 1 month long, unless WWE renews there contract with SyFy, here are the FCW wrestlers who aren't already on the WWE main rosters:

Big E Langston - use to play football

Bo Rotundo - Brother of Duke "Husky Harris" Rotundo

Brett Dibiase - Brother of Ted and Mike III Dibiase

Cable Jones - was in WXW(?), currently injured for the time being

Conrad Tanner - billed a "future world champion" when he was signed

Derek Bateman - has a bromance storyline with Leo Kruger

Devin Allen - no info

Donny Marlow - part of the Anoa'i Family

Drake Brewer - wrestled for New Japan Pro Wrestling

G-Rilla/Brodus Clay - Son of legendary wrestler Dick Murdoch

Hunico - formerly "Incognito"

Jackson Andrews - same built/size as Kevin Nash

Jacob Novak - just started wrestling

Jinder Mahal - trained by Bad News Allen

Johnny Curtis - signed with WWE in 2006

Leo Kruger - has a pretty boy gimmick and is another South African and he and Justin Gabriel (Paul Loyd Jr) came from Paul Loyd Sr's wrestling company in South African and was the main attraction

Mason Ryan - Same built as Batista, hes from Whales

Rhys Ail - no info

Richie Steamboat - son of Ricky Steamboat

Rudy Parker - was Adam Atherton in OVW

Tito Colon/Dos Equis/Epico - apart of the Colon Family

Wes Brisco - former wake-boarder and is the son of Gerry Brisco, has a tattoo from his armpit to his foot


Aiden Frost - got fired a year ago

Alberto Banderas - he is Alberto Del Rio on Smackdown

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    Bo Rotundo

    Derek Bateman

    Donny Marlow

    Jackson Andrews

    Johnny Curtis

    Leo Kruger

    Richie Steamboat

    Tito Colon

  • 10 years ago

    Aiden Frost

    Big E Langston

    Alberto Banderas

    Brett DiBease

    Cable Jones

    Conrad Tanner

    Richie Steamboat

    Rudy Parker

  • 10 years ago

    It'll probably be canceled because SmackDown! is being moved over to SyFy in October, and no other network wants NXT.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Richie Steamboat will defiantly be on there because of his father. he was held back this year because of too many talented rookies on NXT,

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