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Nearly Impossible To Brush 2-Year Old's Teeth...?

My son's 22mo. old now & has a full set of teeth, however, it is a daily battle to brush his teeth! I mean, he fights & screams... I pretty much have to hold him down to brush them. I don't brush hard & he has no cavities or other sensitive spots on his gums that I can see, but he is real funny about his mouth. I used to make it into a game kinda like a peek-a-boo thing, but that got old, and I've tried the brushing to music & buying videos showing characters such as Elmo brushing their teeth, but still he fights. Am I missing something or doing something wrong? I'd hate for him to develop bad dental habits at such a young age, or even worse, develop a bad set of teeth all together... Help!

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    I agree with the first response, but maybe you should try letting him brush his own teeth, as long as he is supervised. You could also start brushing your teeth at the same time. You could even give him a reward for doing it. My oldest step-son hates brushing his teeth, but once we all started doing it together, he started doing it. We've made it part of their morning and bedtime routine. He has to brush his teeth before he can watch cartoons in the morning and if he follows the rules for the day + does the bed-time routine at night he gets to watch tv for 30 minutes before he actually goes to bed. It works very well for us.

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    Where did you go wrong?? How reasonable, calm, and happy are you when someone is shoving something down your throat??

    If you're feeding him milk, his baby teeth will be pretty healthy on their own (so unless the dentist tells you differently, don't worry so much) :)

    As for brushing, try to do it when he's not tired (and cranky) and you use a child-sized, soft brush. You can also find child-friendly toothpaste (bubble gum! Little bear! Sponge Bob!) and I think Act has a cool new mouthwash that turns color in the sink (how "cool and gross" is that?!)

    BTW, if you and your son don't share bathrooms... try brushing teeth together. If he's never actually watched you do it -- he may not know to copy the behavior)

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    Try and get him into the routine. Like have him pick out a new tooth brush from the pharmacy, new toothpaste, a new paper cup (if you use it) get him all excited about this and he'll let you brush his teeth no problem.

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