Is it always illegal to use nunchucks for self defense?

Is it in most states, or all states in the u.s.?

I called the police department and asked, but the cop wasn't very helpful. In fact, he was quite skeptical about everything? He was like "Well you think someone's going to attack you?" I live in pleasant grove, utah

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    No, it is not always illegal.

    Many cities and states outlaw carrying nunchaku in public. Fewer outlaw possession on your own property. You need to check with the laws -- not the police -- for your city and state.

    If you are assaulted, the reality is that you should use whatever weapon is immediately available to you at the time.

    The other thing to realize is that nunchaku aren't particularly-good weapons for self defense. You will be much better served with pepper spray, a handgun, or a modern weapon. They are impractical. Nunchaku, like many "traditional" martial arts weapons, weren't designed to be weapons at all, but were common tools. Someone working a rice paddy would use nunchaku or sais to protect himself because it happened to be what was in his hand at the time -- it was the tool of his trade. Someone working in a mill might have tonfa. Today's equivalent is the wrench, hammer, etc.

    It is fine that you called the police, but to get an answer to a legal question, next time call an attorney who specializes in the area of law in question. Police are quite often wrong on specific legal questions.

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    with the aid of legality project nunchaku are in basic terms criminal for coach. that doesn't recommend somebody suitable experienced could not improvise a flexible/jointed like weapon with a belt. the concepts might stay the comparable and a proficient artist may well be extra desirable than in a position to evolve.

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    They're illegal in New York (but being challenged), Massachusetts, Arizona and California.

    I don't think it would be illegal to use them in your state though.

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