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Will HHH return to WWE?+ EWS Retribution Part 2?

MA Beast, Cryss Cryngel, The Y2J vs. Point Blank, Virus, the Amazing Adam. The wining team gets a triple threat match next week for the Attitude Title.

The match starts off with The Y2J and PB. Both men lock up and Y2J gives a irish whip PB comes back and Y2J hits a belly to belly suplex. PB gets up and Y2J then hits a roundhouse kick nut PB ducks it and follows up with a german suplex pin 1 kickout PB then goes for a kick but y2j catches it pushes PB back into the ropes and when PB comes back and Y2J hits a flapjack. Y2J goes for a suplex but PB reverses it picks y2j up in the suplex position and hangs him on the ropes in PB’s corner. He then tags in Virus and they both lift y2j off the ropes and hit a double suplex as Virus quickly goes for a pin. 1,2, kickout. Virus waits for y2j to get up and he goes for a springboard huricarana but y2j hits a dropkick on Virus while hes in mid air. This is the opening y2j need and hit then hits a lionsault but Virus gets hs legs up. Virus then goes to the top and goes for a frog splash but Y2J hurries and gets up and hits a codebreaker on the diving Virus. Both men are down and crawling to their corners. Y2j tags in CC and Virus tags in AA. AA comes charging into CC’s corner but CC hits a springboard senton. CC gets up runs into the ropes and comes back headscissors but AA turns it into a backbreaker. AA follows up with a standing moonsault but CC rolls out of the way quickly gets up behind AA and hits a reverse Criss Cross and hooks his legs. 1,2 kickout right before 3. CC then heads toward the ropes looks at the fans as they cheer and know what he’s going for. He gets on the top rope and is going for the Fallen Angel but PB runs up to him and pulls his leg down making CC’s groin land hard on the turnbuckle as CC shows he’s in a lot of pain. CC is hopless on the top rope as AA goes up with CC and is going for something. AA goes for a frankensteiner but CC grabs his legs wraps his legs around his and applies a modified Figure 4 Leg Lock from the top rope. CC is doing this on the ropes so the ref has to start then 5 count. CC lets go after the count of 3. CC then picks AA up and drag him to CC’s corner and tags in MA Beast. They both hit a double dropkick and follow it up with CC getting MA in the backdrop position and MA does a backflip out of it and lands on AA and hooks the leg. 1,2 AA gets his leg on the rope. MA drags AA away from the ropes and locks in a ankle lock. AA is already hurt and doesn’t know if he can take the submission any longer. The lock is still applied as AA starts to crawl to his corner but MA pulls him away and wraps his legs around AA’s leg that he already has the lock on and AA can’t move. Virus is sick of this and runs in and breaks the hold. AA is holding his ankle and crawls into the corner of the ring. While the ref is telling Virus to go back into his corner MA walks over to AA but AA sees the opportunity and takes it. He low blows MA behind the refs back as MA falls to the floor. AA then goes to his corner and tags in PB. PB comes in and MA is groggy and PB goes to finish it and tries to hit a Point Blank Stunner but MA gets out of it and hits his Electric Chair drop and goes for the pin. 1,2 Virus runs in and breaks it up. CC then runs in and starts brawling with Virus. Then all 6 men are fighting in the ring and the ref can’t stop them. AA throws MA on the 2nd rope in 619 position and Virus goes to the rope and hits the Shut down (leg drop to the neck while opponent is in 619 position) but MA moves out the way and Virus falls hard to the outside. MA turns around and AA kicks in the the gut and goes for the A-Bomb but MA flips him over to the outside and AA lands on Virus and they both are hurt outside the ring. All 3 men of MA’s team are still in the ring and PB is the only one of his team still in the ring and realizes it. PB tries to back away but backs into The Y2J who hits a Codebreaker PB doesn’t fall to the floor though. He’s dazed and MA hits his spin out powerbomb. PB is out in the middle of the ring as MA tells Cryss to go to the apron so he can tag him as the legal man, he does and CC then goes to the top and hits Fallen Angel and pins PB. 1,2,3. PB can’t kickout after taking 3 finishers in a row and PB’s team was hurt outside the ring so they couldn’t break it up.The winning men celebrate because next week they will all be in a triple threat match for the attitude title.

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    Triple H will return to kick some Nexus A$$ but right now he is filming a movie

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    Yes Triple H will return to the WWE around Summerslam.

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    he would not return in simple terms to lose a tournament, i haven't heard if he will face Undertaker or no longer at Wrestlemania, yet those are the rumors. he could have a small feud first earlier Wrestlemania., WWE could do something they desire as long because it helps the scores. i might particularly see Wade Barrett go against the Undertaker.

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    Sheamus said he ended Triple H's career . . . .

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    yeah in summerslam

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