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How to say it? (20 characters)?

This is a little werid.

But how should I say I am breaking up with you to my boyfriend?


Dont say anything about ^^ bcuz there is a reason for it..

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciateted:)) Thanks:)


He knows why it is over the phone.

And it is not because he did anything.

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    hey,,umm were done. pce

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    Texting a break up is really weird, I mean, shouldn't these things be done face to face not phone to phone? Anyways, text him that you guys need to talk, go out to a cafe or something and tell him that you want to break up.

    Things could get complicated if you guys break up through text message

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    Wow, text? That's effed up. Text him that you need to talk. That's universal for "I want to break up." Then do it in person, that's the least you can do.

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    i'm out. or i'm done. or this isn't working, peace. or i'm over it, later.

    if you don't care enough to call him (not judging, saying that because he obvi did something to make you not care) then just be short and brutal about it. whatever. another one will come along.

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    hey, sup? actually i don't care. cause, it's over.

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