Should I hire the law firm of Campbell Cohen to handle immigration case?

There standard fees for everyone is $1995 for their skill worker processing which you can self file.

I found myself filling for all the petition myself. All these guys do is just monitor your paperwork and give you a list of supporting document to combine with petition (again you can do all this from the government website). There address is below.

Campbell Cohen Law Firm

215 Redfern Avenue, Suite 118

Montreal, Quebec

Canada H3Z 3L5

DO NOT HIRE THEM!!! ITS TOTALLY WASTE OF MONEY. List of things that were breached were:

Violating client's privacy by forwarding their sensitive information like social security, passport, medical accidentally to another client.

Rude staff which will periodically acknowledge you to cancel the service, absolutely no retention skills.

These guys handle mostly 3rd world citizens and handle business over e-mails and phone calls however upon visiting their office they were nice but than changed after hired. Not professional.


@ Mike Edwards:

They returned my supporting documents package a day before the visa office deadline.

That was little bit personal when you mentioned "if don't have money... and the luxury?" We can talk money back and forth and I can assure you that you will come short before the end of this virtual answering blog.

With all due respect to the peeps 3rd world citizen is criticized from the west to nations such as Africa's, South Asia, and part of Eastern Europe.

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    I hired Campbell, Cohen to handle my application and I'm a US-Citizen (not a 3rd world citizen).

    But even if I was what you call a "3rd world citizen" what does that matter? Not sure why helping 3rd world citizens is a bad thing in your mind, as in: "Oh, they handle 3rd world citizens, and not 1st class people." Seems a bit snobby!

    My wife and I had an amazing experience with the all the visas that Campbell, Cohen handled for us, as well as my wife's sister, and even my best friend and business associate is going to hire Campbell, Cohen based upon my recommendation.

    When my wife and I were first transferred from Houston to Toronto by my company, originally, we only planned to stay in Canada for 1 year, tops. In fact I was initially dreading having to move to Canada.

    But when we got here, we absolutely fell in love with Toronto, and Canada in general, not to mention the Niagara Falls region nearby, which we also love.

    Working hours are much less in Canada, as compared to the USA. In Canada I only work a 40 to 45 hour work week, but in the USA I routinely worked 60 to 70 hours per week.

    Also in Toronto we don't fear going for a walk in the city, even late at night. In contrast, when I was stationed in Houston and LA, certain city areas are dangerous at night (while others US city areas are downright dangerous anytime of the day!) Toronto has great culture, arts, and lots of life, and great and kind people.

    We also get great free medicare service in Canada. I find that Canadians like to complain about their healthcare system and the fact that they might have to wait a couple of hours longer in the doctor's office, as compared to Americans. But I know so many Americans that would wait a few hours longer if it meant free healthcare like they have in Canada.

    So ya, we ended up deciding to stay in Toronto, and we hired Campbell Cohen to do the paperwork and process for us. We had great experience with Campbell, Cohen and our experience doesn't match at all what you describe in your comment section. Hopefully you are not just a troll like a competitor trying to make someone look bad!?? Your comment about 3rd world people kinda makes me weary about you.

    The company I work for has used Campbell, Cohen for many years to handle all their transfers of US employees to Canada, as well as handling NAFTA visas. So when it came time for permanent residency as well, I just hired them since I was impressed with the way they handled our work-visa.

    But you don't have to take my recommendation if you want to hire a lawyer.

    There's other top notch good lawyers as well that charge about the same fee, I think. Just do a search for Canadian immigration, and contact the top notch law firms and see which you get the best feeling from, whose been around the longest, etc... and just go with them.

    I heard from a friend that AK-Canada in Toronto was also a decent choice. There's that's been around for years as well (and they handled a business visa for one of our engineers based in India). And like I said Campbell, Cohen has been great for us.

    As for whether or not to use a lawyer, I could have saved money and done all this myself. But the more I read about hte immigration process, the more it seemed a big pain in the @ss to me!

    I hate friggin bureaucracy. I don't want to spend my weekends doing paperwork and tracking papers. And I hate talking to government officials, and trying to explain things to them. So for me personally I found it worth the money to just let a good lawyer handle it.

    But if you don't have the money then you may not have the luxury of hiring a law firm like I did.

    In that case if you really want to live in Canada then just go for it and apply on your own if I you can't hire a lawyer.

    Take it from my wife and I, who lived in many places: Canada is an amazing place!

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    I am in Australia now and have started the process of immigrating to Canada. I retained Campbell Cohen to assist me throughout this process and I'm so happy I chose to do this. Everyone at the firm conducts themselves with professionalism and I have been very impressed by the support received and the speed at which my application has been administered, especially considering the obstacles that presented themselves during the application procedure. I'll be landing in Vancouver next month, I'm very excited! So for that I am very grateful and haven't hesitated to refer this firm to my friends here in Australia. If you do decide the application process isn't something you have much confidence with or that this is something you can't dedicate lots of time and energy to right now (that was my situation), then I would suggest that hiring a lawyer would be a good option for you. I'm sure there are other reputable firms out there, but I'd recommend Campbell Cohen based on my experience. Tania.

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    Campbell Cohen

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Should I hire the law firm of Campbell Cohen to handle immigration case?

    There standard fees for everyone is $1995 for their skill worker processing which you can self file.

    I found myself filling for all the petition myself. All these guys do is just monitor your paperwork and give you a list of supporting document to combine with petition (again you can do all this...

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    Campbell Cohen Law firm is indeed a fraud to the public. If you hire them, they collect all their fees and leave you stranded with inconsistent advice on documents you should obtain. They have a strategy of changing the consultants handling your file, so that they leave you in a position where you can't proceed on the ground that they asked for something you cannot obtain. Very unprofessional and unknowledgeable immigration consultants in their office. They provided me with instructions that I had to challenge on several occasions that they don't know what they are doing. When you call their office, very rude consultants. DO NOT HIRE THEM OR PAY THEM A PENNY IN YOUR OWN INTEREST.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    David Campbell Lawyer

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    Campbell-Cohen is very good. My cuz from Jamaica messed up her immigration process and Cohen was able to fix it for her. Always be grateful to them for helping my girl and her daughter out.

    BTW: Speaking of rude... What's up with the third world comment? My people aren't entitled to some help?

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    I hate dentists and lawyers. But sometimes you have to go to the dentist.I use a lawyer anytime I need to. But hopefully I will not have too much need for lawyers in life!

    So far I've used 3 immigration lawyers:

    1) Khattar-Wong-NG (Singapore) for work visas - Very Good.

    2) Campbell-Cohen (Canada) for PR-Visas - Very Good.

    3) A lawyer I used in US for H1 not so great. But friend says that Shusterman in LA was excellent.

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    i know Cohenn/Campbell law firm! They once do volunteer work for students who want study at university in Canada. They renew my student visa @UofO for free when I had problems with that.

    I also hired Cohen to do my Canadian Green Cards visa after I get good job. Cohen nice man and he email me lots of times even late night to fix problems and call me twice on phone. Very good work. But I never ever speak with the other man, Campbell at law firm - so I can't say about him. I work just with Cohen and someone else named Marc sometims and one other person also helped me with studying visa.

    I come from what you call 3-world country (people there are very poor like you not believe, its a pity). So I am glad Cohen helps people in my country. Some make fun and think 3rd world people are less smart or less worth help. But I got PhD degree @Uof Ottawa in Canada, then i got very good job in Canada, and now I work in California because of my research field. Canada and the US helped me and change my life, but now I helps do small part to help contribute to scientific knowledge and nanotechnolgy of US and Canada, and i even can help others in my country like my cousin who I help pay tutions so that she can become doctor.

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    The fee is now 3000$. This is a standard letter from them I received yesterday (I removed the name of a lawyer below):

    ".....Our office is happy to represent you in an application at this time, or in the future should you not be eligible as of now. Our fee is $3000 per applicant and I am happy to discuss this further with you at your convenience.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

    I look forward to your reply.


    Attorney / Avocat


    The Law Firm of Campbell, Cohen

    1980 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 800

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3H 1E8

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    Please don't hire them. They don't know what they are doing most of the time. Some amatuer person will handle your case at teh law firm and they just want your money. They don't care whether you get accepted by the Immigration or not. I am their client and telling you from my own experience.

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