what is Mila Kunis's email address?

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    Mila would not have her email address out there in the open. I happen to know she makes an obscure name for her email addresses, website usernames etc so she doesn't go under the name Mila and has a private email for friends. I have her as a contact on my email but i'm not going to give it to a stranger. But just so you know, there's no point looking to send her fanmail etc because there's an address to her agent that you send fanmail to ONLY if you want an autograph sent back to you. But you can't send direct fanmail letters to Mila just for her to read. She's not that kind of actress who you'd call a "celebrity". She has no Twitter, Myspace or Facebook account other than one under a different name so she can play farmville. So basically she's just an actress who acts for their job and then isolates from it all when she's not acting because she's not interested in fame and attention while she does appreciate fans of hers. If you wanna send mail and get an autograph, look up on google for the address where you need to send it.

    Source(s): I'm a friend of Mila's
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    i believe it is kunababyy17@gmail.com.

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