I am looking for a good tv show to watch?

i have seen:

One-tree hill,friends,The nanny,buffy the vampire slayer, moonlight,i watched a few episodes of 24 but didn't really like it, love boat, roswell, the beverly hillbillies, charmed, i dream of genie, bewitched, scoobie-doo, friends, 90210 beverlie hills, 90210,gossip girl, will & grace, tow and a half men, hannah montana, sonny with a chance, the Suite life of zack & cody (don't like the on deck one),i-Carly,H2O, life unexpected,grays anatomy, life with derick, and more that i cant think of now. (i don't like reality TV)


have also wached

cory in the house, thats so ravin, phil of the future, good luck charlie, house (dont really like),medium,

Update 2:

true blood

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  • 1 decade ago
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    How I met your mother


    The big bang theory

    Dharma and Greg

    Full House

    10 things I hate about you

    The class

    10th Kingdom

    That 70's show

    Ruby and the Rockets

    Wizards of waverly place

    Drake & Josh

    Accidently on purpose

    Rules of engagement

    The fresh prince of bel-air


    The office

    Gary unmarried

    Big wolf on campus

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  • 1 decade ago

    Vampire Diaries

    Pretty Little Liars

    That 70s show

    George Lopez

    Fresh Prince

    you NEED to watch vampire diaries believe me its the best <3

  • 1 decade ago

    try True Blood its one of my favorites right now. Also The Gates it just started and its pretty good

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