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how do i ask friends to hang out?

so, its the middle of the summer and i guess i get really bored. im want to hang out with some of my school friends, but i dont know how to organize these things, and i think i'm too chicken to ask. honestly, im not real tight with people from school, so i want to fix that before my junior year when hanging out will be really hard. any tips?

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    wanna hang out on so and so??"

    i mean its not that hard..

    you just got to put yourself out there.

    have a house party or something

    go bowling

    go swimming

    so to the movies.

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    Well dont ask anyone that youve never talked to maybe if you have a fb see what people are doing and when and where. Then maybe text some or one of your friends and just casual talk. Then be like "Omg i want to go see/(whatever) (blank) soooooooo bad" See what the person replies. Then be like hey you wanna go see it toghether or we should go see that togheter.

    If your not gr8 friends with people, id suggest going to the mall or for a movie first, and then gradually bring them to your house and such. Or take em to six flags or sumthin.

    But remeber, theres nothing wrong in being with yourself over the summer. Its a great chance to think about things and change yourself for a better and improved you for the next year.Hope I helped!! (:

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    "Yo, you want hang at my house on the 3rd?" "go ask your parents"

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