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.........Assisted Suicide?

Writing a paper on Assisted Suicide. What are your thoughts? If a loved one ask for your help, would you? Should we allow it, just because we can?

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    There are so many issues involved with this topic. Different cultures would have different thoughts and traditions and also involve religious perspectives.

    Personally, I find the notion of letting people suffer, who are dying and have no chance of recovering, as abhorrent. Why do we permit suffering? For what purpose? Is it ethical? Would you like to spend months in pain waiting for the end?

    Firstly, it must be the will of the individual suffering. It would involve medical and psychiatric assessment, and a look at any alternatives available. The relief of pain can calm the distress and avert the need for assisted suicide. Relatives should be brought in to assist in any decisions. There also may be legal issues to be looked at.

    If a person is not conscious then it is up to medical staff and relatives as to the course of action to be taken.

    Each person has a right to make decisions on their personal needs. Of course this must be conducted under strict guidelines. Counseling should be provided for a nominated period before any action is taken. It would be a last resort.

    Religious views are only relevant to the person involved and it is their decision. I sometimes think we let people suffer because it makes 'us' feel good and enlightened. It is not good for the sufferer. It does not demean the sanctity of life. Not all people are religious. No one has the right to force their religious beliefs on others either individually or collectively.

    We should be free to make conscious decisions on our own lives.

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    Assisted suicide is a very touchy issue. When we think of someone asking for suicide, we often think of depressed people, that simply need a little help. But what about other people, such a a 98 year old man, who's wife has died, who's siblings have died, and who's only remaining relatives are his children. He won't go anywhere else in life, and is resigned to a nursing home. If he asked for help, would you not grant it to him? But then again, we are already doing something like this. When a patient is in a coma, or is pronounced brain dead, the immediate family, or the person who holds the power of attorney, is given the choice to keep them alive, or pull the plug. If they chose pull the plug, are they not putting a person out of their misery? Taking a person out of a situation that they more than likely would not want to have been in? These are all questions that need to be asked as well. I believe that there should be assisted suicide, but only if there are certain regulations to it.

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    and if assisted suicide were available my Mom as well as my brother and I would have requested it for her - her last month of life she was bedridden, and the humiliation of having to have someone take care of you as if you were a baby was overwhelming for her. If Oregon did not have a 6 month residency requirement, I would have flown her out there, but she didn't have 6 months to live. And, the last week was 10 times worse than the last month, and her last day was 1000 times worse than her last week.

    We should allow it because it is the morally right thing to do. When the quality of life deteriorates to that point, and all that is left is suffering, the person should have the right to terminate their existance, and no one or no group should have a say in that decision.

    For anyone who argues against it on the moral ground of some fantasy mystical belief system, I hope you experience what my brother and I did, as well as what my Mom experienced.

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    Assisted suicide should be allowed in the case of the terminally ill, or those who are constantly in extreme pain with no end in sight.

    If a loved one were in this position, I would absolutely help them escape their torment.

    And yes, we should allow it, provided there were safeguards, such as making sure the person was either terminally ill or in extreme pain, and the person is of sound mind and confirms his/her wish to die. Independent corroboration should be obtained before it happens to assure that it is an assisted suicide and not a murder.

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    Yes, it should be allowed. Assisted Suicide applies only to the terminally ill and its their choice whether they would want an untimely death or a death with comfort around them (like in a familiar setting, or after saying goodbye to all their loved ones).

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    the inspiration of the hippocratic oath is do no harm - or the in demand version isn't play at God. i think of each and every individual has the perfect to be freed from worry, discomfort, and loneliness. i think of you have an exact to choose your individual ideals. i think of people who choose suicide are the two no longer firmly on top of issues of their psychological colleges or suffering - the two one in all which will desire to have steps taken in the present day to end the project yet no longer via killing them. i will't help an intentional 0.33 occasion ending to someones existence. it extremely is how I define the observe homicide. If i'm fired as a pharmacist for no longer issuing the morning after pill am I additionally fired as a wellness practitioner for no longer killing you?

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    no i wouldn't do it personally but i think it is up to the Individuel if they are in a lot of pain and are terminally ill if they want to die . it has to be monitored though and the person has to be of sane mind when taking this decision

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    No, get a therapist for that person... and what happened?

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    the world is whirling around so fast that it causes a breeze

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    gl with that

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