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Danilo asked in TravelIndiaDelhi and NCR · 10 years ago

Hindi help. what is the difference between "mara gaya" and "mar gaya"? thanks!?

and could you use them in a sentence?

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  • 10 years ago
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    'Mara Gaya' means when you want to make someone/something responsible for someone's death. When you want to put blame on someone/something. Here, emphasis is on the reason behind death.

    'Mar gaya' means you are not blaming anyone/anything. No one is responsible for his/her death. Here emphasis is simply on death.

    basically,. it depends on the sentence you make. You can write any sentence in both the ways.

    Mahesh T.B se mar gaya.

    mahesh T.B ke karan mara gaya. -

    Mohan accident se mar gaya.

    Mohan accident se mara gaya.

    Hope u don't need any more clarification.

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  • 10 years ago

    Mara gaya means he was killed ( which means somebody killed him).

    Mar gaya means he died.

    A little different pronunciation, and see what a differrence it makes in Hindi !

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