My parents got mad when I went to Urgent Care for a bad dog bite...?

Ok, I was petting my step dad's dog, she was happy at first, then suddenely snatched my arm and held on. I pulled it out of her mouth and it was bleeding a lot. Called my dad after I got it bandaged and told him what happened.

My step dad yelled at me for getting bit, then threw the first aid kit at me and told me to clean it up. After he saw me having issues wrapping my wrist one handed, he came over and angrily did it himself. I went upstairs and put pressure on it and tried to get it to stop bleeding. It bled through the gauze and tape we used. I then called my dad and said "What do I do with this?" because he's a nurse. He said to go to Urgent Care, get it cleaned out and see if stitches were needed. At the very least, I'd most likely need antibiotics to prevent infection.

So my friend picked me up and I went to Urgent Care. I didn't bother asking my step dad to take me because I knew he wouldn't and my mom was out of town so she couldn't. When I got there, the doctor cleaned it and said that it was just barely below the point of needing stitches so he put three seri stips on it and gave me antibiotics because of how deep it was.

I called my mom on the way and left her a voice mail saying where I was headed. She called me back later yelling at me for doing that when my step dad told her it wasn't bad. He didn't even look at it at all. Just slapped on some gauze and taped it.

It then continued to bleed for about 3 hours after she bit me and I got the seri strips from the doctor. I got it to stop temporarily, then it started back up again, but not nearly as bad this time.

So anyway, my mom is pissed off that I went to urgent care saying it was a waste of money, she just got a check for about 15 grand yet acts like we're hurting with money. She then didn't believe me when I told her EXACTLY what the doctor said. He said that I did need to go in and that it wasn't just a "little" dog bite. Yes, only one tooth went in, but it went alllll the way in. My mom is mad that I took the advice of my dad and the advice nurse for Providence instead of just ignoring it. This isn't the first time she's been mad at me for ignoring an illness/injury. She ignored it when I had a horrible ankle sprain and needed crutches, she ignored it when my face started swelling until I couldn't talk any more and we discovered I had an infection in the bone, she ignored it when I got sick until my throat swelled almost completely shut, and she attempted to ignore it when I broke my collar bone.

I guess what I'm asking is what do you think about all this? Do you think I should have just stayed home to "wait it out" with this one or was it okay for me to go in and get it checked out. I don't see why things should wait till you're infected or horribly sick before getting them taken care of. She takes care of herself quickly, why can't she do that for her kids too? Any ideas from parents out there as to why this might be? She got mad about "yet another medical bill" when none have been my fault! I had ear infections as a kid all the time, so she had to treat me for those. Have depression, and so I had to be treated for that too. Then there was the broken bones (both collar bones but years apart.) Maybe she's just tired of doing it, but I can't control when I get sick or hurt. You would think this would be the sort of thing she'd expect to have to do at some point in the life of her 4 kids, but I don't know.

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    I think you did the right thing. A deep puncture is actually a lot worse than a tear, because its far easier to get an infection in the pocket it makes. Every medical condition in the world is easier to treat if identified early so treatment can be started before complications set in. A dog bite can easily get infected. An infection left untreated can lead to loss of the limb, or even death. I agree that this sounds like it verges on abuse. More accurately neglect. I would assume that you are scheduled for follow-up for the bite. Talk to the doctor or nurse about your mom and step-father's reaction. Talk to your dad about it. You don't give your age. If you are able to consent to your own treatment without a parent, then you must be 18. If you are, then you can make your own decisions. You can go live with your dad, assuming its ok with him, even if you are not finished with high school. You can look into enrolling in college and living in a dorm. I think you need to be away from your mom and step-dad. That doesn't mean to break contact with them. I don't know why your mom might be acting like this. It could be financial...I know 15,000 seems like a lot of money, but things are very expensive and times are tough... they money may have been specific to a purpose. Health care costs quite a lot. It sounds like you have had several injuries and illnesses. Do they have health insurance? There can be stresses between your parents and step-parents. I wouldn't worry about the why so much, just work on getting your life together so you are not dependent on their decisions.

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    I think you did the right thing, infection and health can never be taken too lightly and im glad that you are ok, however your parents have some serious issues that actually point to signs of abuse.

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    I think you should call child protective services on them, i cant believe they would treat you like that. It is plain, flat out abuse and negligence. I would try to go live with dad, your step father and mother are not fit to be parents.

    Source(s): Survivor of child abuse
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    Your parents sound really really srewed in the head if i was you i would get out of there as soon as possible, if they are as selfish as they sound then i say screw them over.

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