What is "1993 child sexual abuse accusations against Michael Jackson" all about, can someone explain it to me?

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    There's not much to explain. Basically, a child spent the night at MJ's Neverland Ranch (it might sound weird, but I guess it wasn't too strange back then), and soon after claimed that MJ molested him.

    I may be wrong in saying this, but I believe it was found that the boy's mother had told him to lie and say he had been molested.

    In the end, MJ was acquitted, but to this day many people still believe that he was guilty of his charge (I am not one of them).

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    Michael Jackson was found to be one of the most kind-hearted, innocent, loving people on this earth. He loved the world, and he loved children, as he thought of himself as a child, because he never had a childhood as he was working from a very young age.

    People were jealous of him, so they accused him of molesting children, so people could hate him. He was proved INNOCENT in the trial. The family who accused him wanted money, so they lied about him.

    When he died, two days later the boy who said that Michael molested him, decided to speak the truth. He said that Michael never touched him or hurt him in any way, and was a good man. He said he lied because his family (father especially) told him to because they were poor and his father was jealous of Michael Jackson.

    Two months after MJ's death, the father of the child Evan Chandler committed suicide because he felt guilty that the world knew the TRUTH and that the world turned against HIM instead, as they knew that Michael was an innocent soul.

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    Find out the truth Read these two articles


    Was Michael Jackson framed?http://www.buttonmonkey.com/misc/maryfischer.html

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    Basically somebody that accused Michael of molesting this kid named Jordan Chandler, and all they wanted was money. Michael didn't do a THING to him. Hold on let me give you a video that proves that all they wanted was money form Michael, and wanted to destroy him.

    EDIT: here it is. (:


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    look at wikipedia

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