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Is spy-bot search and destroy free (10 points best answer)?

I noticed when i went to download, it didnt show a charge fee. I already downloaded it but havent used it becus, 1 my older bro wont tell me the password, and 2 he thinks it will mess up the computer even more. So is it free and will delete my current viruses. and will there be a bad side effect from using it?


um tempoone or what ever ur name is. ur right we dont know much bout computers but d*mn dude did u really have to say crap like that! stuff like that pisses me off

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    Yes they have a free version. However you should use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware... the free version is more powerful than Spybot Search and Destroy and the tech support is much better.

    And yes it will delete some of your viruses. However once again Malwarebytes will delete more malicious things.

    Also if you have viruses neither are designed to remove viruses, they might remove some but they are meant for malware (trojan horses, some rootkits, traces, droppers, rogues, and scareware). An anti-virus program such as Avast, Avira, Microsoft Security Essentials, Trend Micro, AVG, and Norton are meant for viruses and not malware.

    This means you need both regardless what someone will tell you, they aren't educated in malware.

    If you need help then I suggest posting a topic in the Malwarebytes Forum..


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    Spybot Search and Destroy is a 100% free anti-spyware...it needs no password to use it.

    Being an anti-spyware, Spybot detects and removes spyware NOT viruses.

    One must use an ANTI-VIRUS software to remove computer viruses.

    No offense dude, but you and your brother are both absolutely clueless when it comes to computers. Perhaps you two should go play in your sand-box, and leave us adults here on the internet alone!

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    It's 100% free, but it's not worth installing. It's just another security program that will add to slowing down your computer.

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    the virus scanning and removal are free, real time protection you have to pay for, and there should be no reason not to use it

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    Yes it is free.

    But it sucks.

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