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15 year old friend may have imaginary friends? And lying problem? (Long Question)?

I’m 16 years old. I have a friend who is 15 and she makes up things constantly. She makes fake names of people who aren’t real. She says she motorbike races, hip hop dances, is on a swim team and football team. There are times she says she gets into fights, and she even puts Band-Aids on to make it look legit. The thing is she is a soft spoken person who would never even get in a fight. I’ve know her for many years and I started to take notes one day on what she tells me(Obviously not in front of her. It was after we spoke), over the course of two years I’ve noticed the last names of the people change, and the locations and schools also change and none of them have a Facebook or Myspace. One time she told me the kid went to school at the town right next to ours and I asked my cousin if there was such a person in the school by that name and nothing. I fear she may have Imaginary friends? Or some type of mental disorder? What should I do? I’ve put much time and effort investigating this and these people do not exist, and now even a few other friends agree with me. We just want to be able to help her, and we realize we can’t play along with it if we want to help her.

Anyone who answers this and truly reads and gives time to answer, I promise I will give you best answer. =] Thank you all!


We have tried to talk to her about it before but she gets really defensive.

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    Here's the problem

    It's a disorder she cannot control. It happens to some people.

    She will most likely deny her having any problems if you try to help her, so it's not going to work that way. She will just say, "what are you kidding about? I'm perfectly fine." And give you very legit reasons that she might be.

    Read it on wikipedia, it will tell you more about this disorder. I'm not sure if it can be cured or subdued, though...

    But your best bet IS to try and talk to her about it...maybe ask her politely if she has something to say, or if she is feeling kinda lonely or somewhat?

    Good luck

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    omg i know someone EXACTLY like this. theres definitely some sort of compulsive lying issue going on. but i'm sure it's much more than that (the imaginary friends and stuff probably relates to a number of different mental disorders). the girl i know who's like this seems to really believe her lies (her lies are awful....theyre so easy to tell she's lying). she also seems to have a tough life (from what i can tell anyway....even though she lies about mostly everything). theres really not a whole lot you can do in your position. she's not gunna open up and even if she does, she's just gunna deny everything. i ended up phasing the girl outta my life (i was never really that close of friends with her anyway). it's kinda harsh...but there's only so many lies i can take before i snap. it got to the point where she was really just insulting my intelligence with her idiotic lies. so yeah idk if my answer was helpful or not but i tried.

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    after she has rampled on another story you feel is false, tell her that she has nothing to fear or hide and you do not judge her. Maybe she has a ****** up home life and she makes these storys to keep herself from letting that out. just be careful with it, she might get very defensive if you confront her about it, ESPECIALLY in a group. she may feel as though she is the center of gossip or something. the best bet would to let her tell her tales and almost ignore her, or corner her in a conversation where she contradicts herself, but dont be like "HA" i got you, just be easy after she herself realises she has been caught and then let her know it is ok and she does not need to lie to you.

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    i had a friend like that, too. she'd made up boys, give them names and make them a myspace and one of them was her boyfriend. she said he went to our school but i NEVER saw him. we'd "wait" for him and nothing. then one day when i wasn't with her she told me she saw him and i just missed him. this went on for awhile. then she got a new "boyfriend" did the same thing but photoshopped her picture with another guy's to make it look like they were together. but i knew he wasn't real. i also had another friend who DOES this. she made up some boy, said he hit her, she even put makeup on her face to make a bruise. none of her friends had ever met him and there was nobody in her cell phone under the name she was saying. she's made a few fake myspace's this month, too. i know it's only to get her ex boyfriend back. i think your friend is doing this because she feels like she is missing something in her life and thinks she needs to make up people so that you and other's around her don't see her as different. she doesn't have imaginary friends at all. she's just missing something in life.

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    She could be a compulsive liar. It sounds like she could also have something wrong in her head. You never know what exactly is going on. She may be going to a counselor or a therapist and you just don't know it or this may be her way of dealing with things in the world. My advice, let her. it doesn't seem to be doing any harm from what I can understand and If her parents don't know about it, tell them. (: Hope I helped!

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    You friend is either a schizophrenic who sees things that are not physically there. These require medication and they usually don't see other people they see unicorns and death unless she's edward norton in Fight Club.

    Whats more likely is that your friend is a pathological liar who cannot control their lies they just lie

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    i think she has an illness where u lye a lot and cant control it but yea i forgot the name for the illness

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    she doesnt have imaginary friends, she just craves attention. Talk to her about it but, dont be rude, you want to help her not hurt her.

  • complusive liars, sometimes don't know when they are lying

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