Pop Up Camper in Roof ac unit wont work?

My son in law has a pop up camper and the roof ac unit wont work you turn it on and the condensor fans runs but the compressor wont kick in, I was told the start up relay normally goes bad, but I have check voltage on all the relays and capacitors and there is 120 volts on all connections, i check the top of the compressor and there are 3 connectors and they all have 120 volts, so my question is this voltage to low to high or what, I don't know to much about these but I did start checking wires and everything has 120 volts???????

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  • Pat
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    10 years ago
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    When you open it up look up and see if there is a magnetic relay that is not kicking in. If you hold it in and it starts to come on then the relay is bad They do go bad a lot and I change a lot of them.

    It could be the low voltage transformer has gone bad too, this is what kicks in the relay when you turn thermostat up or down. If it has no low voltage to kick the relay then this is the problem.

    If you can manually hold the relay in and it starts then check the low voltage first.

    If it has 24 volts then the relay is probably gone bad.

    RV and camper repair at two campgrounds through the years I have learned a few things.

    Good Luck:)

  • borja
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    3 years ago

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  • 10 years ago

    I have a Jayflight and depending on the outlet this will happen under certain condiditions where the copacater will use too much juice hope this helps happy camping.

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