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What does "washout rate" mean?

I don't think i like the sound of it...

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    The washout rate is the "rate" or precentage of individuals whom fail out of a Techinal Training School in the military.

    So schools with high washout rates means that its more likely that its more difficult than a career field with a low washout rate. (ie. Cook, low washout. Cryptologic Linguist or Special Forces, high washout rates.)

    Source(s): I'm in the military and I know a few guys who got washed out from many a career field.
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    washout rate means the rate of which people fail, so prolly the rate of people that fail out of basic traning

    for example. the washout rate is 1 out of every 12 marines fail out of boot camp

    (not true, just an example)

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    The washout rate is the average percentage of people who fail to meet the course standards - it varies from course to course.

    Source(s): Army SFC
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    'washout rate' means the percentage of people who fail a course. for example, the washout rate for BUD/s training is 75%. that means that on average, 75% of people who attend BUD/s will fail.

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    It pretty much means you fail. For example in the marine corp and seal training once you have had enough you quit and find something else to do.

  • In this context, washout = failure.

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    Simply put those who can't cut it,and quit or are thrown out

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    fail bootcamp and you will find out

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