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I am planning on getting a compound bow soon. I want to get a decent bow that will kill a deer easily and be accurate. I have found the PSE Stinger for sale for $300. I seems to be a good bow for the money. Is it a good bow and would i be pleased with it if i bought it. I just need something that will shoot good, accurate, and be dependable. What is your opinion of it? What is the least poundage to kill a deer? (ex: 60#) Thanks for any tips and help!

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    I have a PSE whitetail extreme (60 - 70) lb. Anything over 60 is fine, carbon arrows are better, wisker biscuit or another type rest that will hold arrow still is best for keeping arrow on rest while in a tree stand or something. I like my PSE and it shoots fine, ya dont need to spend a $1000.

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    I recently was looking at compounds for hunting last summer and it came down to a PSE Stinger and a Diamond Razor Edge, and I ended up with the Diamond, and am incredibly happy, It's a good bow and can drive tacks, and came as a package with peep sight, sight, rest and wrist sling for $350 during Christmas sale season.

    As far as the Stinger goes, I'm not positive, but the Razor Edge is a phenomenal bow, the only complaint I have is that it didn't come factory sighted in, and I had no clue how to go about sighting it in, and I don't really know anyone who shoots compounds to help me. Luckily and surprisingly the gunsmith at Gander Mountain was a huge help in that respect.

    I'm still running into some trouble in terms of all the technology on my bow and am starting to consider simplifying and getting a recurve bow, which I have been told shoot similarly, and run at can run at about the same price, but technology aside, there's no getting around the fact that the actual compound bow itself is incredible, when sighted in it could drive a tack, and with proper broad heads could kill a moose. But make sure you purchase whatever bow feels the best when you test fire at the store, and make sure you do test fire so you know what you're getting into

    I would suggest doing some research at Cabala's or Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shop doesn't really have much selection, and the people at ***** were, well huge *****. I also bouth a Bowhunting & Skills book that helped me narrow down what kind of compound I wanted, and is still a huge help in improving.

    Keep in mind that when buying a bow, nothing can compare to test firing all different kinds so you can get a taste of everything, even if it's out of your price window, as some may have features that will be on lower priced bows. I will say you won't find a whole lot for $300, I would suggest looking in $300-$450 range, even $150 saved dollars will never compensate for buying a bow that didn't feel as good shooting as a bow that was priced $150 higher.

    let me know how your search goes and feel free to E-mail me at

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    The stinger is a fine bow. In my state the minimum draw weight for deer is 30 lbs. And at 20 yards or less with a sharp 2 blade cut on impact broad head and with the deer in perfect position (broad side) for a shot it will completely pass through the deer. Remember when bow hunting that shot placement trumps everything. It is more important the broad head design, bow speed, bow poundage or anything else. Accuracy kills- nothing else does.

  • In Louisiana, the draw weight has to be over 30#, Just a suggestion of course you need to compare them, but I bought a Martin Saber completely set up for around that same price and I love it, I've always shot Matthews but last year I had a chance to shoot a Saber, and went out and bought one the next day. I've had a lot of success with it last year, I can't help you much with PSE's, but as with any bow, practice makes muscle memory, muscle memory makes accuracy.

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