how can i increase acetylcholine?

i have myasthenia gravis.


i have myasthenia gravis.I found out a week ago, i have lived with the simptoms for 3-4 mounts and it was getting worse.I dont want to take drags my whole file.I take now mestinon (pyridostigmin) and decortin it helps me a lot, i can chew normally eat, swallow and talk. i have muscle weakness an my left side, hand and leg, and the muscle under the eye i cant close it sometimes. with the drags i fell better but i want this to stop, and to hill it. i havent tested my blооd, this is yet to come, and the thymus. i want to do anything that will help me get better soon.

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    You don't increase acetylcholine. The receptors that take it in are damaged by the body's own immune system...

    The goal of treatment for myasthenia gravis is to control symptoms. Drug therapy with medications that increase muscle strength by increasing the effects of acetylcholine are often extremely effective. Drugs such as edrophonium are injected, but other drugs such as neostigmine or pyridostigmine, can be taken orally and often have fewer side effects. With long-term use, however, these drugs can lose their effectiveness. Many patients with myasthenia gravis see improvement after the surgical removal of the thymus gland, called a thymectomy. In fact, thymectomy may cure myasthenia gravis in patients with thymoma. Patients who do not show sufficient improvement with drug treatment or thymectomy may need to take immunosuppressive drugs, such as prednisone, azathioprine, or cyclosporine. Patients who have weakness in the muscles used to chew and swallow find that a softer diet is helpful, while severe cases need a feeding tube for nourishment. Always follow a doctor’s or registered dietitian’s dietary recommendations to ensure you are receiving proper nourishment. Patients in myasthenic crisis may be treated with plasmapheresis, a procedure in which the patient’s blood plasma is replaced with plasma that is free of abnormal antibodies. Immunoglobulin therapy is another type of blood therapy that can provide temporary improvement. With this treatment, the patient is injected with large amounts of immunoglobulins, which are purified immune proteins. Infants with neonatal myasthenia may require temporary breathing assistance through a ventilator.

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