microphone wont work on steam?

i have a turtle beach headset and on other applications such as skype i can use my headset and microphone on the headset no problem but when im on steam in the voice settings my headset shows up but whenever i try to test it no sound comes up. yes i went to the control panel and made it to where whenever it is recognized it is used instead of the laptops built in microphone. help?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    are you using windows 7 ?

    here are a few ways you could try, hope it works for you.

    I had a similar issue with the audio settings, if you right click on the speakers icon in the taskbar and click on recording devices, now you should see all the microphones that is available, right click on any microphone and click on show disabled devices, (just in-case you need to enable one of these).

    now start by right clicking and disabling all but the one you are using, if you are not sure which one is for the headset you are using, do this to all but one, then try another one.

    has your headset got a microphone on and off switch, make sure it is turned on.

    in steam click on view, then on settings, then go to the voice tab, click on change device and try to change it, then change it to the device that you are using, also try to click on test audio devices.

    sometimes you need to update the drivers also.

    is the microphone plugged into the correct socket? I know you said it works with skype,

    it is always best to double check if it is plugged in, to test this try it with skype again.

    it may not be the microphone settings with steam, it may be the audio settings,

    right click on the speakers icon in the taskbar then click on playback devices,

    again right click on any audio device and click on show disabled devices,

    try to disable all but the one you are using, then try the others,

    I had similar problem thinking it was the microphone settings but it was the sound settings

    with why I was not hearing my voice, similar to you, would work everywhere else

    but mine would not work with skype, it fixed my issue.

    hope one of these will help you solve the issue. Good Luck.

  • 4 years ago

    administration Panel , Sound Prefrences, click on the Audio tab, then click progressed ... make effective that the container marked microphone is checked, then this might enable you to regulate the point of the mic (as quickly as "activated") , desire this facilitates!

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