What can i do during the day on the 4th of July?

I live in greenfield, Wisconsin. i am planning on going to the parade at noon , but im not doing anything until about 8 pm at night for the fireworks. What are some fun things that me and my family can do?? Thanks!! :)

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    #1 - Go to the Lakes.

    Northern Wisconsin consists of the Minocqua Lakes, Hayward Lakes, Bayfield County Lakes and Door County Lakes. Check out the Wisconsin Dells in the Midwest. Most lake towns put on their own fireworks show over the water and there is nothing more beautiful and peaceful than watching the colors reflect over the ocean while breathing in fresh ocean air.

    #2 - Do Something Different

    Gather some friends and go tubing down a local river, or buck up and go camping. Maybe the Lake Lenwood campground in West Bend just 42 miles north of Milwaukee. Drifting slowly down a river and zoning out to the sounds and smells of a campfire are two of the most peaceful things we can think of.

    #3 - Start a Family Tradition

    Think about something fun and easy and inexpensive that you can do with your parents or your sisters or your niece and nephew that will turn America's birthday into an opportunity to bring your family closer together.

    #4 - Decorate Your Backyard

    Take that red, white and blue theme and run with it. Make red and blue Jell-O shots and top them off with whipped cream, or serve bowls of strawberries and blueberries with cream for the kids. It doesn't have to be expensive, either - you can order pepperoni pizza and put red and blue food coloring in your drink.

    #5 - Honor the Nation and the Fallen.

    Go visit a local cemetery. Pay tribute to fallen American soldiers by placing a wreath on a military gravesite. If anyone in your family served in WW2, Korea or Vietnam, see if they have a memorial wall in honor of them. Or visit a historical site in your city or state.

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    my cousin and I love lighting sparklers and drawing words and shapes / pictures while they're lit. :)

    Hey, it beats just standing there watching them burn!

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    Have a picnic.......go to a concert.......

    happy fourth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07SjIOBwGNI

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