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Anonymous asked in SportsWrestling · 1 decade ago

Who do you want to win at MITB?+ EWS Retribution part 1?

Sorry for not doing voting but i just wanted get EWS up. I'll do voting next week.

Match 1: Cameron Hart(CH) vs. Michelle Mckenzie(MM) Red Sexy Cerebral Phenom(RSCP) vs. Madison Rayne(MR)

The first to come out to the ring is Michelle Mckenzie, She comes out looking ready to fight. Next is Madison Rayne, then Cameron Hart then RSCP. The bell rings as CH walks to fight RSCP but MM runs behind CH pulls her hair and slams CH head onto the mat. MR gets in the action and does a roll op on MM. MM kicks out after 1. MR picks up and MM and runs to the ropes bounces off and goes for a bulldog but MM quickly turns around and hits a Belly To Belly Suplex. Meanwhile, RSCP has CH in the corner giving her hard shots to the head. RSCP then backs up and charges into the turnbuckle but CH gets her feet up. RSCP is dazed as CH goes to the 2nd rope and hits a Missile dropkick. CH goes for a quick cover 1, MM breaks it up. MM picks CH up and irish whips her into the ropes and before she can bounce back MM gives her a big boot to the skull and sends CH flying outside the ring. As soon as MM turns around tries to hit a spear but MM moves out the way and sends MR flying threw the 2nd rope and landing outside the ring landing on CH. MM laughs and turns around and RSCP wraps her hand around MM’s neck and hits a chockslam. RSCP lifts her up and gets MM on her shoulders and is seting up for the tombstone. MR sees this and gets up on the apron and hits a quick springboard cross body on both MM and RSCP. CH finally gets up & gets in the ring. She goes to cover MM. 1, 2, kickout. CH picks MM up and drag her into the turnbuckle. She lifts her up and M is sitting on the top turnbuckle and CH climbs up her with her and is going for a Supler suplex off the top rop. CH has MM in the position as RSCP comes up behind them and gets CH and hits the last ride on her as CH still has MM in the suplex position and both MM and CH fly off the turnbuckle in pain. MR hurrys to pin MM but RSCP grabs MR’s neck and lifts MR off of MM and lifts her up for a chockslam but MR reverses it into a hurricarana. And hooks the leg 1, kickout by RSCP. AS RSCP is getting MR is setting up for the Springboard Elbow and hits it. CH then runs up behind MR and goes for the Btych Camp but MR wraps her legs around CH mid section and leans forward and does a rollup, then turns that into a Figure Four Leg Lock. CH is in pain, until MM finally breaks the lock up. CH then backs up and leans in the corner resting as the 3 other diva continue to fight each other. MR and RSCP are trading fist in the middle of the ring. RSCP gives a hard blow making MR stumble back onto the ropes. RSCP charges at her but MR leans down and pulls the top rope down making RSCP fall to the outside. MM comes up behind MR and tosses her over the rope. CH comes up behind her grabs the back of MM’s head and goes for the Cameronatior but MM reverses it into a spinning spinebuster but Hart reverses it into a small package. 1,2,3. Cameron Hart gets the win. Hart rolls at the ring with a smile on her face as the crowd is cheering for her. Hart is EWS’s first ever Vixen Champion. The ref hands Hart the title as she holds the title high over her head as we go to commercial.

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    "WOO.If this is a dream than don't pitch me!"I have won many championships im my career but nothing like the Vixen's Championship."Tonight,I have made history yet once again,defeating three other Vixen's,well hey it was a great battle but the better woman stood tall and proud as the new Vixen's Champion!"Ladies,I know that all of you wanted this belt as much as I did but I wanted it more..and I ended up getting it.slow and steady wins the race as that saying goes."I will be a proud and great first champion,that all of you fans will love and adore,I will be a champion that other E-feds have never saw in history and I promise that this title will bring class and honor onto the EWS Vixen's Division!"I'm a finally a Vixen! I was a Diva and a Knockout but never a Vixen and I am glad to say that I am the new Vixen's Champion..damn I never get tired of that!"Tonight, is a start of a new era and it starts with the Ultimate Vixen the Golden Vixen Myself,Cameron Hart!"This company will never remember that name Cameron Hart!"

    Source(s): Luv to break harts!<3
  • 1 decade ago

    Promo:Congratulations Cameron on your win as the new Women's Champion. I oughta inform you that your title reign will not be much longer because I'm coming after that title. You may have won the match, but you didn't pin me. When we fight one on one and we will fight one on one, you're going to regret winning that championship. You've known me forever and you know that I don't let anyone in my way when I'm after the championship. Cameron, you better cherish that belt because it's going to be mine sooner or later. This fed doesn't need you as it's Women's Champion and I know for a fact that I would be doing this e-fed as well as myself a favor by winning it from you. It's only a matter of time before you lose that belt and trust me when you do lose it, it's not going to be pretty.

  • 1 decade ago

    cody rhodes & john morrison

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    RKO And Kane

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