Average amount of words per chapter?

Right, I know a chapter can be as long or as short as the author would like it. But there must be an average. For a Young Adult's book, I mean. I heard an average word count total for a complete YA book is 50,00 - therefore, what's the average for a chapter?


* I mean 50,000 words.

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    It depends how many chapters there are. What I'm writing so far the chapter has over 8000 word and I'm not even nearly finished that chapter but I'm going for around 14-20 chapters/days in mine so they are bound to be long. I'd say the average is about 3,000 or 4,000 for a book that size.

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    the complication-loose novel ranges from a hundred twenty five-250K phrases. thus far as financial ruin breaks circulate, it extremely is extremely based on the cost and pacing of the story, and thoroughly as much as you. as long as there are small breaks between scenes (denoted via some extra areas or a *) once you do a character or region transition interior your chapters whilst they get too long. That way the reader has possibilities to provide up and placed the e book down in the event that they have not got a great gamble to end the e book. i could no longer inform you if the story grew to become into too long without examining it. some novels are extensive (Eg: conflict and Peace) at an identical time as others are remarkably short (something via Hemingway). whilst you're making plans on attempting to get it revealed or maybe self placed up it, its very nicely to place in writing so plenty extra suitable than you may desire to. maximum editors will often pull out as much as a 0.33 of the finished project for pacing etc. stable success! it extremely is a daunting activity and you have already written extra suitable than many aspiring novelists.

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