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how do you dimple dread dough?

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    Hi Kai!

    Just to clarify, if you prick dough with a fork, that's called "docking." If you use your fingertips, that's called "dimpling."

    Are you, by any chance, making focaccia or ciabatta bread? It's a little bit like pizza dough. It doesn't matter, but those are doughs that requires dimpling. You take your fingers (both hands) and press down hard on the dough. The reason I say to press hard is because during the baking, the holes you made will start to fill in, and if you've pressed too lightly, they won't be there at all. Don't be afraid of the dough. If it's very elastic, you may have to dimple it again and again until the holes you've made stay deep. It's fun, though -- almost like being five years old again and playing with clay!

    Good luck with your bread! :)

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    Dimple Dough

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    dimple bread dough? Also, known as docking.

    Use a fork or your finger tips. Depends upon what you're doing.

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